Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Been A Crafty Crafty Christmas

This year, as you know, I've tried to give consumable gifts... or at least handmade and useful. I tried to think of things that Kid might be able to do (or help do). One of the things I thought of was fleece scarves. Essentially a skinny 1/4 yard of fabric (that I painstakingly straightened at home using my wood floors as a guide... because if you've ever bought fabric you know that that is NOT how the fabric ladies cut it!). In theory this could have been a no sew project... but we embellished ours (and by we of course I mean me... Kid just told me where to put things). I thought Kid would have even been able to cut the fringe but I miscalculated both her hand strength and her attention span. She did *help* me cut by placing her hands on top of mine in the big sheers and applying pressure as I cut (yes this was very annoying... but I summoned the patience to push through it because I wanted her to feel involved). She did like going to the fabric store and picking out the fabrics and buttons.. boy did she like picking out the buttons... a lot of editing had to go into a kind of cohesive theme for each scarf. These scarves could have been 75 cents apiece... but Kid's expensive button taste pushed these up over 6 bucks a pop. She is quite proud of them as you can see...

Ah yes... there are buttons for everyone... even the men in your lives.

I also made this little felt baby doll head (with bells inside) for Mr F's baby niece. It seemed like a cute toy that a baby could poke and chew and rattle with out fear of Chinese poison (I jest... kind of).
I'm not loving it to be perfectly honest... I would make some changes to it next time. I didn't have pink felt or I might have made some rosy cheeks... I think it's missing that. The bangs didn't come out looking the way I wanted BUT Baby grabbed it out of my hands as soon as I was done stitching it closed and yelled "My baby!" and ran off with it. So I guess it looks enough like a baby for a baby. And since a baby is my intended audience I guess it's not so bad after all.

This is the back... like the bangs I topstiched texture to make it look like hair. I hand sewed the facial appliques and machine stitched it together. I didn't use a pattern I just traced a saucer and went from there and used up little bits of scrap felt.


hicktowndiva said...

Very cute & crafty...I have to admit that "Oh, no Mr. Bill!" was the first thing I thought when I saw the doll face toy.

Jennifer said...

I love the scarfs ... or is it scarves .. anyway .. they ROCK! Who knew that they were that easy. Kid has very good taste!

I can remember actually having a doll that had a face like that when I was a kid! lol. Truth.

Mrs Furious said...

All right... I might have to change the mouth to an actual more lips kissy face mouth. I can't traumatize the baby ;)

tell me about it! I can't believe I ever paid money for a fleece scarf at a store before... rip off.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh also that made me laugh out loud because Kid always says "Truth" when you accuse her of making something up!

Kiki said...

Okay...I.Love.These!!! You Furiouses are crafty people...absolutely wonderful and I think Kid is getting taller...she looks it in the pictures!!!
Is the crafting therapeutic or is it stressful?? I find some projects to be very mind numbing, I was just wondering what the stress level was like over there!

Take care, I am loving the crafty posts!!

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