Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Cozy Coupe has been a big hit.  She insisted on having the "baby panel" put in so that it is like a bed inside and likes to be pushed around like royalty.  She even eats in there.
All preschool parents should recognize these characters.  Baby is a HUGE fan of "Max & Ruby". She is pretty much obsessed with them.  So I was stoked to find these Max & Ruby beanie babies online.  I made a replica of their house out of a cardboard box (yes you should be impressed.... sadly Baby wasn't).
So far Kid has gotten a little more milage out of our freecycle pink pony score.  That's fine... it keeps her away from the Cozy Coupe (which Baby enters Duke's of Hazard style despite it's fully operational door).

Kid has been pretty concerned about all things birthday and has some set ideas about how everything should go down.  This morning she started grilling me about the cake.

"But what kind of cake is it?  Max & Ruby, gingerbread.... what?!" Kid insists.

"I'm not going to tell you... you keep telling her everything." Mrs F replies.

"I won't tell." Kid promises.

"Okay, an ice cream cake." Mrs F reveals.

"But I don't like ice cream!" Kid announces at top volume.

Thanks for keeping the secret Kid...


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Those presents are all so cute.

Mrs Furious said...

How is you sister?! Did your parents go out to be with her?

Heather said...

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!! That house is freaking awesome. You got skills! I'm with Ruby tho, no ice cream cake. BOOOOOO. Gingerbread cake is preferred!!

s potter thomas said...

Cute cozy coupe! I am impressed with your Max and Ruby House! Max and Ruby were a big hit in our house a few years ago! I would love to send our old dvd's to you if you want! E-mail me with your address if you would like them. I'm glad you had a good time with your dad!

Christy said...

Stella, 2, got a Cozy Coupe for Christmas! I am impressed with your house building skillz.

Mrs Furious said...

YES!!! Baby would love that.
What is your email? You can send me it at mrsfurious at hotmail dot come.

We'll I guess I won't make you an ice cream cake either ;) Not that I'm making it. Cold Stone Creamery is. Baby LOVES ice cream and icing more than cake.

thanks... I was trying maximize the gift with as little $$ as possible.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Baby! I love your cool ride! Great job on the Max snd Ruby house...but I can't stand that! That channel is always broken in our house!

Supermom said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

We hope you have a wonderful day!!

Us :)

P/F said...

OMG, baby is 2?

Happy Birthday!

And the cake is about what the birthday child wants (even if the child wants chocolate icing on chocolate cake when everyone knows that the chocolate/vanilla combination is waaay better) ;)

Feener said...

frass is obsessed with max and ruby as well. the first thing she asks for in the is scary. love the house, i got those beanie babies of max and ruby as well and i was surprised that she could care less about them ??? only the show huh.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm hoping she'll warm up to them later... I think it was just too many new things at once. And the Cozy Coupe pretty much overshadowed everything else!

And Baby is the same way. 1st thing in the morning she demands "Max & Ruby house NOW!!"
She calls it that because they start off waving from the house every episode... which is why I thought she'd go crazy for the house.

that is funny. I don't spend too much time watching it myself... but anything that will suck her in and immobilize her for 30 minutes is a good thing for me!!! ;)

Yep she's 2. Time flies.

Elizabeth said...

yeah, mom's out there. She's recovering nicely. Mom said they'd go for a walk today.

It was laproscopic, so not too horrible I guess?

BsOnlyToots said...

Yay for baby's new ride!


And I think the house is fab! Great job, she'll warm up to it, like you said, the new coupe is what it's all about right now! LOL

julie said...

Yay on the cozy coupe!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

michelline said...

Happy Birthday, Baby!

kenady said...

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Renee said...

Max and Ruby is like crack at our house-it totally sucks my 2 year old daughter in and she is mezmerized! And I LOVE your Max & Ruby house-you got talent! :)

Happy Birthday Baby...hope you had a fun day! hugs and kisses!

Staci said...

Happy Birthday Baby!

Me, Myself and I said...

happy birthday baby!!!

Heather said...

I guess I could probably choke down some Cold Stone cake if I had to...

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

Deb said...

Happy birthday, Baby!!

The house rocks, and even though I have no idea who Max and Ruby are, I want one.

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