Monday, January 26, 2009

I Don't Even Know How To Feel About This Crazy Development

I just found out, from our old neighbor Angie, that our Ann Arbor house just got put back on the market. WTF?! That crazy lady practically forced us to move out in less than 3 weeks and now she's selling it?!

And she's asking 30K over our selling price.

It's been 6 months... in Michigan... good luck with that!


Angie said...

Please buy it back. Please buy it back. Please buy it back. Have I made myself clear.

Mrs Furious said...

We didn't even tell Kid about it... she would be devastated.

Anyone in the market for an AA house... we can vouch that it has a brand new top of the line high efficiency furnace & AC (which believe me matters)... yeah we put that in before we knew we were moving... d'oh!

Angie said...

And you get a great neighbor for free. Julie, it's calling your name!

Mrs Furious said...

"And you get a great neighbor for free."
I can vouch for that too!

midge said...


Mrs Furious said...

Believe it.
She's on some kind of crack cocaine.

I saw that Mary's house was listed for like 150 or so... is that right?

CM said...

$30K over autumn 08 purchase price? She's smoking medical locoweed, even in A2.
It should go lower, how "way," who knows. If not that house, something else in the 'hood.
Michigan housing prices are still free falling. Also, FYI: your property tax rate would start out being calculated and capped at the lower purchase price.

midge said...

Yeah - Mary's house is cheap, but needs a lot of work.

The woman in your house was weird. I didn't even notice the sign (is there a sign yet?) on my way home!

julie said...

Oh, Angie, I've been packing my bags all day ready to move in to your 'hood. Mrs F, you guys can stay at the house anytime;)

Wouldn't it be cool if that was all really true?

Hopefully a much cooler neighbor than the weirdo who took over the coolest neigbor (Furious family of course) will move in. I don't know if that even makes sense. 2 sick kids and another snow day on the way is making me really beat.

Kniki said...

I thought I would let you know, I was reading "Stephen Fry in America" where the quintessential Englishman travels around all 50 states, and he said that he thought Asheville was a "why can't all towns in America be like this" kind of a place; a city of "variety, style, vibrancy, Bohemian charm and architectural beauty". I thought of you when I was reading it - thinking that I hope once you are fully settled you will grow to truly love the place!

Angie said...

Oh Julie, if it were only true :-) I am hoping for a nice family with let's say a 3 year old and a newborn. Sounds good to me.

julie said...

Good luck, Angie. I hope so, too, for you.

Mrs Furious said...

I was checking out other properties back in the hood... and, boy, it is tempting!

The fact that a single woman bought that house was weird to begin with. I'm sure you'll get a family in there.

emmyjw said...

Good luck is right! We just dropped the price on our house again! She must know some secret the rest of us don't.

Deb said...

She's high! I can't get over how much the housing market sucks right now. I wish I had money to buy (see my comment on your financial post).

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry you still haven't sold your house.
The only upside for us with all this is that at least we did sell ours. I can't imagine what we would have done if it hadn't sold and Mr F had to come down here to work!

Totally. Real Estate is where it's at.

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