Friday, January 30, 2009

Where You See Emotional Eating... I See Little Nuggets Of Heaven

Two of those little beauties are filled with strawberry jam, almond meal & a few drops of almond extract. They helped... some.

Baby was partial to the ones filled with semi-sweet chocolate.


P.O.M. said...

I've made those, but I throw in a couple chunks of chocolate!!!!!!! Sprinkle powdered sugar on top. yumster to the bumster.

I'm up 8 lbs and not happy about it (or much right now). Let's be depressed together.

Me, Myself and I said...


Mrs Furious said...

" yumster to the bumster."

dude things have got to turn around

Me, Myself & I,
seriously delish

s potter thomas said...

Your video was so honest! I am so sorry that things have gotten so bad! You did get a-lot of great ideas! I have another one for you. I have a friend who works at a hospital and they have so many cases they can "forgive" if you can't pay. Find out who you have to talk to at the hospital and if they would be able to do this? Or tell them to change your chart to say it was not an accident! Tell them you did it on purpose!!! Bureaucracy sucks!!

I am glad your mom is helping with kids school hold money. Homeschooling would be a way to save on tuition, but you did say kid was really liking being with all the other kids. It is a really hard call. You can probably find other home-schooled kids to hang with. My kids all have gone to public school here in California and I think that public is fine as long as you check the score's of the school and the area and what kind of families the kids come from that are attending. I went to both public and private and there are advantages to both.

I can't believe your washer broke too! You know I just don't think it can get any worse and we are all sending positive energy your way! I hope tomorrow you get some great news in the mail!! Oh and just think if the postal service goes to 5 days a week, we all will only get bills 5 days a week instead of six! That's something positive!!!;)
I am sending you a big hug from me and Jack and Ben!;)
P.S. Ben was Very sick two years ago and in two different hospitals for a total of 12 days! The first local hospital's bill was 125,000.00 which we paid our 100.00 E.R. Co-pay. And I don't even think we had to pay anything when we made them transfer us (him) to the Children's Hospital in Madera, CA. That bill was about 35,000.00. He was at Children's longer and had a more in depth surgery, got way better care and the bill was so much cheaper! I couldn't believe it! I'll have to tell you his story sometime! What a nightmare! Well not compared to some people's, but for us having our son almost die was pretty bad! The only doctor that had the balls to tell me how sick my son was, was the anesthesiologist!! I love that man! He's the one who made me make them send him Children's! I didn't know you could do that, but as a parent you have the right to make them switch you to a children's hospital! The doctor has to have a really great reason, but not us! Little bit of info I found out the hard way, well kind of the hard way! I was like a pittbull after what that anesthesiologist told me! I'll tell you sometime!
I think we all have given up stuff in one way or another in hopes of a "better" life of financial security, and I pray you will never have to feel this way again!;) I really do enjoy your family!;)

Supermom said...

YUMMYYY!!! That would have been totally better than CEC!!!!!!!!

Let's plan it for another day! Well, not CEC but hanging out in our pj's would be fine!

Watch a movie while eating caramel popcorn.... :)

Haley said...

Oh lordie, I want those.

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