Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holy Schnikeys

Alright, I was doing my daily blog perusing and stumbled upon the best freaking deal ever!
First of all this is legitimate.  

Go to  Search for restaurants in your area.  This site typically offers gift certificates for dine-in restaurants for about 60% off.  So you can get a $25 gift certificate for $10.  But it gets better because from now until Saturday the 31st they are offering  70% off your total order (code: SUPER).  That means you can get restaurant gift certificates for 90% off.

At first I thought the restaurants would be cheesy chains... no... they are all independent restaurants.  Each one has their own restrictions (like not applicable towards alcohol... but some exclude weekends so check first).  I got a $25 off for $10 to one of the nicest restaurants in town.  Then I got two $10 off for $3 to a local pizza joint.  So that's $45 worth of food for $16... but after the discount I got $45 worth of food for ... get this... $4.50!!!  

The fancy restaurant requires us to order at least $35 worth of food to use the $25 off certificate... so that's $10 out of pocket for a nice meal.  The pizza joint requires a $15 order to use the $10 off certificate... so we can get a whole pizza and drinks for $5 out of pocket.  Craziness!  Add that all up and we'll pay $24.50 out of pocket (gift certificates and cash needed at restaurants to get a qualifying order) and have 3 restaurant meals out for a family of four.  I think that is a deal.

And we really needed something like this to come our way.  My dad is coming into town this weekend for Baby's birthday and offered to babysit the kids so Mr F and I could go out.  I was kind of upset since we couldn't afford to go anywhere.  Now we can!


gooddog said...

we use those all the time! they are very cool...

Mrs Furious said...

Okay so let me ask you since Mr F is printing ours up at the office... do they expire?
If not I'm loading up!!

Meri said...

This site is fantastic and I use them all the time! They usually have some kind of promo code, I just google for one, but you can also sign up for emails from them. They are not always as good as 70%, but at least 40% normally. I believe they are good for 1 year from the purchase date. So yes, stock up for the year, might at well! Just be sure you know the restaurants will stay in business;)

Smitty said...

I am so doing this. Mrs. Smitty and I had not had a date-night (read "AFFORD" a date not) in way too long. Way. Right now, we are 2 people who hapopen to live in the same house. Not cool.

With the relevent subject matter comment out of the way...something not relevent, but technical in nature.

I got a nice web cam. Recorded a 5 or so minute video on it. Holy Schnikeys, it was 150 MB!! Is there something I need to do to make it take less memory so I can upload it to You Tube and onto my blog? What do you do?

Meri said...

You can also buy the gift certificates for 70% off, so if you are looking for some inexpensive gifts, you've got it!! A friend of mine gave us one for Christmas last year, it was great!

Mrs Furious said...

"Right now, we are 2 people who hapopen to live in the same house. Not cool."
Oh we've been there.

I have a feeling you don't have a Mac so I might not be able to help. But on my Mac I've got a a movie program that I upload my videos into. In that program I can choose "Share" from the menu bar and then convert it to a Quicktime movie which makes it into a smaller file and then I can upload those at YouTube.

Maybe some more technical people will read this and be able to help. You need to convert your AVI files to an MOV file.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks... I'm pretty sure the nice place will still be around... so I'm going to stock up. I mean come on! $25 off for $2.50?!!!!
Now we just need coupons for babysitters ;)

Smoochiefrog said...

I saw this deal on Katy's site and checked it out too. I bought 2 $25 ones for $6! Both of mine require a $35 purchase, but for $13 at each place I'm so there!

I checked with the customer service people and as long as you use the coupons within a year, your golden. Works for me!

Smitty said...

You need to convert your AVI files to an MOV file

Perfect. Thanks!

s potter thomas said...

I am very happy for all your freebie's and the coupon thing sounds great! How is your tailbone? And are you going to freak out right before your Dad gets there about the house? ( I really identify with that so that's why I am asking!) Or have you had help from Mr. F keeping it up? I remember the last time your Dad was coming, you were in a little bit of a "crap the house is still a mess mode". Which is so me! Not trying to freak you out, just wondering because of the last time, I thought it was pretty funny!

Happy Birthday to Baby F.! I hope she enjoys her presents! At her age it doesn't matter what you get them as long as your there and you have pictures to prove to her later that you didn't just take pics. of Kid! (sometimes the second or third or fourth don't wind up with as many pictures as the first! In my case the third and fourth have way more pictures than the first and second! (Older, more money, better camera, better husband, etc.)ha ha!

Have a great time on your date! Can't wait to hear how the coupon thing works out! And I want that pizza dough recipe! It sounds fantastic! I am sick of paying an arm and a leg for pizza!

Which reminds me funny story I had to go to the Dentist, tooth killing me, knew I needed a root canal but had been putting it off. Anyway I had Jack and Ben with me and I was just there to get it checked for infection, get antibiotics etc. and schedule the root canal (I've had about 5 now!) anyway Ben was putting his arm inside his long sleeve shirt and he said "look mom my arms gone" and Dr. Joseph was behind the little table and I said "Yeah that's what it's going to cost me so give Dr. Joseph one of your arms and probably one of your legs too! Dr. Joseph laughed. He has two boys too and they "play" he called it instead of "fighting" so I said "well an arm and a leg might not be enough what if you just took the whole boy?" That did not get such a laugh! Ha Ha!

I know the money thing is sooo stressful right now! Try to remember to breath when you get stressed and maybe xanax? Hey just puttin that out there! No really a friend of mine said her mortgage co. is working with her, she found out about some program that if you are two months behind in your mortgage there is a program that will make your mortgage ten years longer (YIKES!) but it cuts your payment and they cut her interest rate to 4%! She was paying 1500. now it's 1000.00! I don't know if you would want to do something like that? My mortgage is in total 3600.00 a month! I would love to have 4% interest rate, but I don't know if I would want to get two months behind? I guess it would depend on how bad it affected your credit? I will have to ask her. Anyway I think buying is always a good thing to do because of the tax write offs. I can't imagine renting and having to pay more tax's! They already rob us blind! I wish stay at home mom's had a tax write off for "child care"! I threaten my boy's that I am going to go get a job and take them to day care! Ha! That would teach them! No more 5 boys over daily after school!

I haven't written in a while and so that is why I am so long winded! Plus I am using my new mac book! It is sooo coool! Have a good day!

Mrs Furious said...


Yes I'm a bit stressed about getting the house ready for my Dad. Fortunately we just cleaned the bathrooms so it's not too bad. But we don't really have a place for them (no guest room) and he's bringing his wife so they'll want so level of a "room". We have to clear out our office and shove a mattress on the floor tonight. It's a bit stressful.
At least as far as cleaning goes... I feel I have a reasonable excuse. Now I just need to figure out how to feed them without spending any more than I have to.

Baby benefits from the better camera syndrome... there are about a gazillion pics of her. My baby journaling has however taken a nose dive since Kid ;)

Fortunately we're not behind on our mortgage. I was actually overpaying our principal until this month when I decided we couldn't spare the out of pocket. I did hear interest rates are crazy low (of course since we just go a new house 6 months ago!) but I don't refinancing is worth it for us right now. I have a feeling the getting 2 months behind has got to affect your FICO score.

Supermom said...

My BIL does that all the time there.

I hope you and Mr F have a fabulous time!

Robin said...

I checked it out. There were a couple of local sushi restaurants I've been wanting to try. The fine print? Exludes sushi. Dammit! What's the point of eating at a sushi restaurant if you can't get sushi?

I'm sure glad I read the fine print. Great site!

s potter thomas said...

Did you read my "Meatloaf" comment? Make meatloaf and baked potato's, with salad, Parmesan chicken with salad and noodles? Or how about Pork butt roast cooked in the crock pot (sear first in oil, both sides) after you sear both sides until nice and brown add a whole sliced onion on top and put water with minor's chicken broth (dissolved) in the crock pot (I have a rice cooker that has a separate pan and bottom, so I can heat up the meat on the stove all in one pan and not mess with two pots) anyway-whew-cook that baby for 5 hours maybe less and it will be delicious! Make spanish rice and salad and your good to go! I also have a fabulous Grilled Cheese Enchilada recipe if you want it. It costs nothing to make! Well it costs a little bit of money to buy some ingredients! HaHa My Ex-Husband was in the Air Force and we ate on 60.00 every two weeks! That was shopping at the military grocery store and we ate parmesan chicken about three nights a week! Oh and it was 1985!LOL

s potter thomas said...

I failed to mention we make taco's out of the pork butt meat, but I assume you probably know that!

Christy said...

I think the ones I bought around Christmas time had an exp. date but it may vary with each restaurant.

Andrea said...

woohoo Thanks for the link! I hopped right on over and bought too many i figured they be good gifts for some upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

Mrs Furious said...

I actually wouldn't have known it was for tacos! So that was helpful.
Thanks for all the recipe ideas!!

no sushi... hmm
I guess they have too much overhead on the fish

gooddog said...

Guess I'm too late on the info but I do think they expire in a year. Also, they have 60 or 70% off a few times a year and you'll get emails so no worries! Have a great date :)

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