Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Breathing

Thank you for all the comments and wonderful support. Really. If not for my blogging friends I don't know where I'd be some days. You all have seen me through more than a few hard times this past year. And I thank you for it. I sometimes question how realistically I should portray our life. It would be easy enough to post pictures and funny sayings and paint a very different look into our lives. But I think the risk I take in putting it all out there has more than paid off in making real genuine friends. My goal is not to get people's pity or to be melodramatic. My goal has been to share the full picture truth of our life. I know what it is like to read magazines and blogs that depict a perfect life and how inadequate that can make your own life seem sometimes. I have always hoped that by putting up our strengths and our weaknesses that you would see how common they are. And take comfort that you are not alone in yours. And through your comments and support I have discovered we are not alone in ours.

My dad is here.

He's taking Baby shopping to pick out whatever would make him the "greatest person in the world" to her. I finally figured out what that would be. I think he'll be getting ONE of these.

She's going to go bananas.


julie said...

If your dad does not get the cozy coupe, check around for one on freecycle or at yard sales. I got one free at a swap thingy at the dump many years ago. I bought one on sale for $40 right after Murphy was born.
2 boys 20 months apart=2 cozy coupes

I gave them away years ago or I'd send it down to you.

I hope hope hope your dad gets it. You know Baby will LOVE it.

Hang in there, honey. I just wish I could help you guys out.

Happy almost birthday to Baby.

Haley said...

Dude, if the pitter patter of her feet sends you into hiding, why are you encouraging an increase in her velocity???

Have fun with your dad!

TUWABVB said...

"Increase her velocity" made me snort coffee out of my nose!

I just wanted to say that I admire and adore your honesty. It makes me feel like I'm not alone when I realize that this economic crunch is affecting people I relate to. NOT that I want you to be going through hard times, just that I would feel really isolated if all of the blogs I read were riding unicorns and pooping rainbows and sunshine. So thank you!

Tell you dad you'll kick back a partial refund when you sell it a garage sale in a few years...he can count on $20 or something. :)

Supermom said...

Don't forget there is a Children's Trading post over here off Merrimon!

You can take things to trade or they will sell them for you.

Renee said...

I go out of town for a few days and all hell breaks loose! I'm so sorry to hear of everything that has been going on at the Furious household w/ insurance, school changes, etc....I wish someone had warned us that being adults is not always fun!!! I can totally sympathize w/ you about the insurance stuff-it is SOOOOO frustrating dealing w/ the insurance companies!!!!

On another note-I'm somewhat new to the blogging world but feel that I've gotten in the know pretty quickly...and by far, you ARE the best blogger out there-you keep it REAL and having met you in person, you are exactly the same in person as you are on your blog...some blogs make you feel like your life is less than perfect so I SO appreciate you keeping it real and putting things out there- it keeps me sane realizing that most of us moms have the same issues/concerns and it is incredibly therapeutic to be able to openly discuss these things.

On another note-so glad your Dad is there and is taking Baby shopping....both of my kids have one of those cars and they have been quite the hit over the years. If he doesn't wind up getting that-keep it in mind for Wee Trade-I'm sure they will have tons of them there.

Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

I must go clean up this house (I left it a wreck and stayed up all night before we left for Florida on Sunday) is sad when you need a vacation from your vacation and then come back to a house that is wrecked, a mound of laundry, and the water is still not on in the laundry room-ugh! Oh-so sorry to hear about the washer too-THAT SUCKS...hopefully you can get Lowe's to deliver a new one-and remind me-was that a frigidaire? I need to make sure I steer clear of that-ridiculous that it is already having issues!?!?

Feener said...

i like it real and raw.

kenady said...

SO sorry to hear about your woes.

You do a great job of weaving humor (or sarcasm)in with the bad... it makes you not only REAL, but a true pleasure to read.

I sincerely hope that everything works out for you and your family.

Happy Birthday to Baby!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you guys.

I'm having a hard time snagging computer time. I will return comments tomorrow!


Staci said...

Haley & Feener!!! LMAO!

I feel the same as all your other blogging friends.
I was first drawn to you because you were from MI too, but as I tuned in daily, I was SO HAPPY to hear you talk about REAL LIFE events. It's refreshing. :)

YOU make ME feel like I'm part of the "norm". Thanks for that. :)

Enjoy your visit!

Staci said...

Oh...cute coupe! My in-laws got our boys the motorized JEEP & car for our boys when they were small. We got YEARS of joy out of those. I hope you get the same. :)

Supermom said...

PS. Superdad wanted your email address earlier. So if you get strange email from him fear not. LOL

I hope you are enjoying your company!!! When are you and Mr going on a date?? Have fun!!!

Michelle :)

Elizabeth said...

I've been feeling rather crappy myself the last few days... puking on Sunday and randomly dizzy and stuff. So I've missed the last few.

That said, I think the reality of your blog is helpful, you're not sanitizing, you're not glossing over, you let the rest of us see a real life with all it's shit, and that's important.

In other news, Carolyn had her appendix out on Wednesday.

Torey said...

Ok, I just got caught up, we've had quite the time here as well.

I. Feel. For. You. 100% This economic crunch is hurting everyone, everywhere, and it totally sucks when it hits home. We're in a similar position that things just keep piling up, and of course it all happens right after we decide (and succeed!) to have another baby. It's hard. Everyday is hard!

I appreciate your honesty and willingness to "put it all out there" it helps me realize that we're not alone in this mess.

The good news is that our kids will not remember this as a hard time. They have no idea what is going on, and that is great! We are concentrating on making special times at home, or with free activities and it's working, but it's hard! Remember to find the joy in the ordinary!

Ok, Gup is trying to catch fish out of the tank. . . Stay strong Mrs. F! We're all there for you!

Kiki said...

You are amazing, strong and thoughtful....we love you, just as you are and I hope you never change!!!

So glad Baby got the coupe, must see pics!!!

Torey said...

And, Duh! Happy Birthday Baby!

Amy said...

It's a fine line between honesty and TMI, isn't it? What does Mr. F. think about your level of honesty in your blog?

Mrs Furious said...

He is perfectly fine with it.

Mrs Furious said...

Okay I can't get back to every comment. You know I want to but I'm getting behind. Why do I always end up with 3 posts a day?!! I really don't plan that... it just happens.

Anyway thank you for all the comments. My mood is like a 180 after finding out about the potential daycare arrangement. Plus 3 people are interested in Mr F's car. If we sell that baby the taxes are covered and I can take a breather!

Thanks for all the friendship!

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