Sunday, May 3, 2009

And The Sign Said...


OE Rubys


Kid wrote that on the sidewalk in front of our house last night.  My eyes actually welled up.  I think I've talked a bit about her personality... but if not... this is a HUGE accomplishment for her.  Kid does not take chances.  Kid does not risk failure easily.  This is the first sentence she has written (and boldly I might add) where she sounded out her words on her own... didn't ask... didn't give up... didn't get frustrated... just DID IT!  I am SO proud of her.  And when she asked me if she spelled it right I said "You did a great job!  You spelled everything the way it sounds (okay expect OE which was supposed to say "IN") and I could read it!"  She was satisfied with that.


julie said...

absolutely awesome!!!

Haley said...

YAAAAAAY KID! That's awesome!

Mrs Furious said...

I am so excited. I know a lot (okay most) kids her age already do this... but this is such a huge step for her. It does really make me appreciate her teachers because they have obviously encouraged her so much and also allowed her room to do it in her own time.

She was so proud of herself that she got a piece of paper and copied it down to keep.

Staci said...

YAY RUBY! That is terrific work!!!

Did you take a picture of her with it?

Not sure if she would go for this but another great "trick" for getting kiddos to write more is to have her make the grocery list for you. Tell her you could really use her help & maybe she could even go with you to get the groceries & read back what she wrote.
My boys used to LOVE doing this and it just encouraged them more with their reading & writing. :)

Mrs Furious said...

That is a good idea. I'll ask her. I might just start with her adding something to the end of the list and work up with her confidence.

Staci said...

Since I wasn't on the ball with this little game my boys were a bit older (Kindergarten/2nd grade). I let them each make their own list & then at the store they each took their list & got the items off their list.

I have to admit this "game" started because they were SOOOO horrible to take to the grocery store. I dreaded going with them. :P But, it works. It held their attention through the whole store. The writing & reading were a bonus. :P

Erin said...

That is so cute, and really, really good! I teach and I always say that to the small ones - "I could read everything that you wrote!" and it makes them so proud. At that age, that is huge!

The grocery list idea is really good, I had never thought of that.

Marie said...

Thats great! She was definitely getting her point across clearly! And apparently all potential robbers saw it too and stayed away!

Congrats Ruby!!!!!!

Mrs Furious said...

I'm glad that's what you say... I was second guessing myself about how to answer her when she asked.

Yep no robbers last night ;)

carrie said...

She touches my heart.

katieo said...

As the mother of a perfectionist:
that's SO awesome. Really.

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