Friday, May 8, 2009

Shopping Spree

I just got back from a major Target trip. I haven't had one of those in quite awhile. Happily Baby complied (mostly). I actually trolled the aisles and even bought myself some nail polish (why did I decide I couldn't move any of it last summer?) and a hat (which Kid insists looks ridiculous... so... that might go back... because...well... she is a model and I guess she would know). And my favorite kind of underwear (I'm sure you wanted to know that). It always amazes me that I can wear through underwear in a year... maybe I should stop buying it at Target.

Baby, for one, LOVES the underwear section at Target (and interestingly men do too... I always see men driving their carts through there as if it was on the way to something... its not). She always gets very excited about the bras... "MOOMIES!!!" she shouts and lunges herself from the cart to touch them. She was greatly disappointed that I wasn't buying the padded "teenager" bras that were covered in hearts and rainbows. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't insist on wearing one for the duration of our trip... that would have been funny... next time I might suggest it.

I got the girls much needed sandals (I may have even found a pair that passes Kid's ridiculous "Nomar" tightening fixation) and miracle of miracles I found soft jersey shorts in the girls section for Kid. This is a big deal because Kid needs a medium in "Girls" but her tastes run toward "Toddler" (and believe me I'm thankful for that) so shopping for her can be really challenging. Mostly because the Girls section is often a bit too teen oriented in style to meet her comfort requirements. So I was really excited to find those shorts and I was really happy for her to put them on and just see how much more comfortable she was in bigger clothes. Why did it not occur to me sooner that she needed a bigger size? Sorry about that Kid but you just keep growing and growing (seriously she'll be taller than me in a year or two for sure). I mean, really, I'm only 3 sizes bigger than her... it kind of freaks me out sometimes.

Oh and I got a nice new trowel. That might not sound too thrilling... but... this week I dug up our front flower beds and planted 40+ bedding plants and did it with a child's plastic sand shovel and/or my hands. It wasn't fun. And I have been sore for DAYS... and digging clay out from under my fingernails.

In other news I've got some big Thank You gift boxes to prepare and ship out next week. I've got a couple of families I'd really like to honor with a little something or other. I'm excited about it.


Anonymous said...

yaaay shopping!!!! Especially shopping with the girls. Prepare for MANY more of those to come. Did you end up buying anything more for yourself other than nail polish? Or was this shopping trip a focus on the girls?

Mr Furious said...

I need to put together some kind of prize for whover identifies the Nomar reference.

(Rob doesn't count)

Staci said...

YAY! I'm glad you got in a good old Target trip. :) Sounds fun.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for the PT shout out a month ago.
(wow that went fast) I had a ton of hits that day. I also picked up a fellow commenter, Jennifer, as a new nutrition client.
She is doing AWESOME! Lost 5.5# her first week. :)

SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO! I really appreciate your generosity! :)

Now...what color nail polish did you get? And what kind of hat???

Jen said...

Wait a minute, I like prizes! Doesn't Nomar have this crazy ritualistic thing with fastening and unfastening his gloves?

Mrs Furious said...

LOL I cannot vouch for Mr F's "prizes". But you are correct.

Jen said...

Fortunately for Mr. F. the chance to show off my baseball knowledge in "public" will suffice :)

Mrs Furious said...

Well, for now, I just got the nail polish and the underwear.... I do have a hard time focusing on things for "me" when there is so much cute summer stuff I know the girls will like.

Red. I painted the girls' nails... and then Baby freaked out "My nails! My nails!" and I had to remove it. I kind of remember that happening to Kid when she was little and I painted hers red... too much like blood I guess!

I am so happy that you and Jennifer found each other and that she has had such a great success. Yay!!!

You never know. It's possible Mr F will come up with something.

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, Nomar has an OCD/tightness thing. Onsessively re-tightens his gloves...kicks his toes down in his shoes etc.

My sleep deprivation could really hinder—or help—my prixe brainstorming...

dasnowz said...

Can we get names of these books? I would love to try and find some and read them. I am out of things to read right now.

Marie said...

Ooohh--polish! My girls love nail polish (though by the next day they've promptly picked it off!)

And congrats on the trowel! First time I attempted any gardening was when we had bought our house and it involved an old kitchen spoon (hanging head in shame..) so I know how good the right tool can be!

We're trying to get our garden done this weekend. We've more than doubled it and I have asked (begged??) for some blueberry bushes for mothers day...

And I am with you on Targets girl section. Like a fitted t that "hugs all the curves" is really what my 5yo needs. I really like their toddler section, but girls could use some improvements...

Mrs Furious said...

I am a big Beverly Lewis fan... you have to go into knowing this is NOT fine literature... but the stories will suck you in and are a complete escape from reality. Also, having studied the Amish quite a bit, I can attest that they are really based on real Amish life, culture, etc.
The Abram's Daughters series is the best one (there are 5 books in that series starting with The Covenant). Most of her books are written in smaller (3 book) series and you will want to just go ahead and get them all because they are all cliffhangers and you can read them in a day or two and you will NEED the next book ;)
I just started her new book The Secret... I can't tell yet how it rates vs The Abram's Daughters series.... but I will let you know.
I'm also reading A Plain Life: Walking My Belief by Scott Savage... which is a non fiction account of one families journey from yuppie to conservative Quaker (who knew the Quakers had plain sects?!!). I am really into this stuff ;)

Mrs Furious said...

The whole girls section kills me... it is fascinating that they've decided that the fashion rules change at age 5. Pre-5 you all wear the same stuff... 5-14 you all wear the same stuff. All the clothes get tighter and shorter once you move up. I used to love the flared leggings you could get for toddlers and they are the most awesome pants for under dresses and just on their own... now all the leggings are super tight. It's so frustrating! Bathing suits? Don't even get me started. Is it possible my 6 year old doesn't want to wear a bikini top and board shorts?

julie said...

Mr F,

Of course I know about Nom-ah (said in really strong Boston accent.) I am from Boston.

inkelywinkely said...

Target is banned here. :(

Oh, is in a completely different town, and is very small anyway....

I so get the kids clothing thing... How about that a 6 year old boy doesn't want to look like a "gangsta"? What if he still wants to wear cartoon characters all over his clothes, and I don't want them to have some smart assed remark on them?

Have you seen the Tommy Hilfiger undies for small girls? They have thongs!! And, they all have nasty little sayings on the panties like "spank me", or "sexy baby"... Makes me sick.

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