Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ta Da

And with that I am finished with the Kid's school carnival cookies...

I ended up NOT packaging them cutely... just in folded over snack sized ziplocs... sue me.

Now we just have to go paint faces for an hour and man the bouncy house.

Not that I'm resentful or anything... just that only 3 out of 16 Kindergarten families signed up to do ANYTHING. See why we need a new class president? Someone who's a little more of an overachiever and a little less of a pot smoker?

Thankfully a little bird told me that the events you staff your children get to do for free... so... our full schedule is not exactly self sacrificial.

Here's hoping we win the 1K off tuition raffle tomorrow!


Elizabeth said...

Those are gorgeous, you overachiever you!

I took cookies to the Wiccan Bake sale for years that I made with olive oil...

go figure.

sylvia said...

Those cookies speak for extra packaging needed!

sylvia said...

also, vote for flick!

Nutmeg said...

These cookies, while gorgeous, are not at all anatomically correct. You know... speaking here as an entomologist.

Just kidding, obviously (I hope).

Good luck at the raffle and I hope it isn't raining there today like it is here.

gooddog said...

mrs. f-
i'm feeling it. i'm sending the vibes your way for the raffle. ever since i won your easter basket i have won 3 other freaking things. i have never won a thing before. so... now i am passing it back to you. good luck!

also, you know you could make money selling those amazing cookies? what if you got in the birthday party treat providing business??? you love to bake...

happy n.c. weekend! enjoy the pollen.

Haley said...

Completely adorable.

julie said...

hmmm....maybe if the hippies smoke enough pot, they'll get the munchies and buy all of the cookies. Spelt or no spelt.

just that only 3 out of 16 Kindergarten families signed up to do ANYTHING. Unfortunately it will probably ALWAYS be the same 3 families/moms who do anything in the class. At least it is like that with Murphy's class.

The cookies are amazing. And they probably taste great, too. I have bought this type of cookie at Starbucks and though they look pretty, they taste not so good. You could make a killing.

Next time you make them for an event, you should put a little label on the could start a mini-cookie business. I love the birthday party favors idea. Or a cookie empire and hire all of us to be your bakers/help/marketing:)

Elizabeth said...

just that only 3 out of 16 Kindergarten families signed up to do ANYTHING.

This is completely true. I think it's one of those 'statistics' that 'everyone knows' that ten percent of the people in an organization do 90% of the work!

Yay for the virtuous overworked!

Mrs Furious said...

LOL on the pollen! I have never seen anything like it. I almost can't see out of my car so much pollen is all over it... and the screened in porch.... I have to wash the toys off constantly!!!

I hope I win... that would be so fantastic!

Mrs Furious said...

LOL. Yep. Red & Black icing are not my favs to work with... and I actually worried nervous parents wouldn't buy cookies with red food coloring.

inkelywinkely said...

did you use a special cookie cutter for those? Or did you just wind it?

What icing did you use??

What is the recipe?

LOL.. Sorry.. I am going nuts over them..I want to make them, now. :)

Maybe I could send some before the school year ends?

Mrs Furious said...

thanks :)

olive oil... hmm

Dammit! Wish I had thought of the labels... I will absolutely do that next time.

and LOL munchies.

thank ya!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes I have a special ladybug cookie cutter.

I use this royal icing recipe and I have the Wilton gel food coloring (get it at Michael's or similar).

The sugar cookie recipe is over on the sidebar in my recipe section.

Julie & Elizabeth,
I completely believe it. All year it has been the same parents who volunteer.

inkelywinkely said...

Thank you!

I will be trying these out, even if they are just stuck in the freezer for when they are needed. :)

Yeah, that's how I roll. LOL.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh people I'm about to blow a gasket... I went to drop them off at the bake sale table and the woman asked it they were a one or two ticket item. I said probably a 2... then she said it was just a cookie and portion wise it should be one ticket. The other one ticket things were like a pillsbury refrigerated dough undecorated cookie and mix brownies cut all crazy sloppily. Are you kidding me?!! Trying to let it go...
I said well why don't you start at 2 tickets and if they don't sell drop it down? Then she decided to put them away and bring them out after the other 2 ticket item sold... HELLO!!!!... aren't we trying to make money?!! What if someone would buy them say instead of a chocolate cupcake. STUPIDITY!

julie said...

okay, I am pissed off for you regarding the stupid bake sale lady. What a idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are beautiful cookies!

inkelywinkely said...

Yeah, I am pissed for you, too.

Kick her ass! LOL.

Amy said...

Good luck with the raffle. And I totally think you could sell those cookies!

sara said...

That butthead! Referring to the lady who wanted to undersell and hide your lovely cookies!! I bet you her children don't eat food coloring, they only eat hemp seeds. Oooo I mean today.

The cookies are beautiful--seriously professional looking (even without fancy schmancy covers), like you should seriously try to market them to a catering company as party favors!!


Mrs Furious said...

Thank you everyone! I really need to figure a way to get hooked up to sell them.

party favors... good idea.

We did NOT win. Argh. We're so pissed. It's so stupid since you know you probably won't win... but we are SORE losers. Bastards.

P.O.M. said...

Those are the best damn cookies I've ever seen, even if there's no Maui Wowie in them. ha ha.

Me, Only Better said...

Those are some professional looking cookies.

It is always (trust me) the same parents that volunteer...

BUt I had to laugh out loud at "Someone who's a little more of an overachiever and a little less of a pot smoker?"

You rock!

Nutmeg said...

Oh my god so ANGRY right now about the cookies and the stupid ticket thing. I'm sure I won't be angry in three minutes, but still.

I have to say after having made a red fish blue fish one fish two fish set of cakes for eli's second birthday? yeah.. red and black aren't great but they look a lot less scary while being eaten then royal blue does. Everyone looked cyanotic.

Did they eventually sell your cookies for two tickets?

Kiki said...

I would have given three tickets for those, they look amazing, sorry, I'm late to the party!!

Off to google spelt....oh and I finally learned what a SIGG bottle was...heehee!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh! I would have told you what a Sigg bottle was.

Spelt is an ancient grain (wheat)... some people think it is healthier. Me? No. ;)

Oh I was beyond fury! I don't know if they raised the price but they did sell out of them.


Me Only Better,
"BUt I had to laugh out loud at "Someone who's a little more of an overachiever and a little less of a pot smoker?" "
Trust me... this year's class parent is a whacked out on something.

Jennifer said...

"We're so pissed. It's so stupid since you know you probably won't win... but we are SORE losers. Bastards"

OMG. Not much makes me laugh out loud that hard .. but that was funny. :)

Mrs Furious said...

you should have been here after the carnival... Mr F and I were both swearing like sailors. It took us a good 6 hours to come down off our anger bent.

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