Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sure Maybe Not Technically Organic...

But most certainly amazing, entertaining, and in some circles delicious.

Growing up my mother made some sort of take on rainbow Jello. I have NEVER forgotten it. It's one of those things that is, for some reason, always in the back of my mind. It left a huge impression on me... I was probably younger than Kid when she made it. I remember it in the square white pyrex casserole dish with the flowers on the side and someone going in for the first scoop. (Hopefully my mom does not comment that she never had that dish or this whole post will lose a lot of street cred)

Later in my life my (then) stepmother's family always served a disgusting version of this that was layered with Cool Whip. Don't start hating on me because I despise Cool Whip... it isn't real food...and I believe I famously said at one Thanksgiving table (maybe I was 7?!) something along the lines of "What is this?!" when given Cool Whip (maybe I said it was revolting or gagged or something more hilarious than just "what is this?!" because I was scarred by the uproarious laughter my comment provoked from the adults... so scarred that that's really all I took away from it. It was kind of like when I was left alone with my great grandmother in the bathroom...).

But I digress...

The other day I was in the baking aisle and was filled with a sudden overwhelming need to really impress my children. And please... to a 2 year old and 6 year old Jello is impressive as is. Jello made into a rainbow is a fucking miracle (pardon my French... but I tend to get a little spunky after ingesting a whole lot of sugar).

This process requires a little bit of patience so be forewarned. In about 10-12 hours (each layer needs about 2 hours to set) you too can amaze your children, your spouse... or maybe just yourself (although it makes a hell of a lot of jello for one person). So... giddy up.


lucinda said...

You are remembering the pyrex dish correctly. I'm glad you were impressed.Although i never used more than three colors.

Kiki said...

My mom had/has the same dish...I don't remember her ever making rainbow jello...but it looks yummy and I might have to attempt this on a day off!

inkelywinkely said...

They WILL remember it.

I remember always wishing my mom had done something like that when I was older and looking back.

I am proud of you.

Staci said...

My Mom never made this fun treat so it's wasn't until about 10ish years ago when I ran into it at a baby shower. I though...did not partake.

It was the GAG kind with some sort of white crap oozing between layers...and it was NOT cool whip.

I love me some fake fluff. :P

I think it may have been cream cheese. ick.

I your plates. :)
We have Corelle plates too...who doesn't with young kids? Those things are great.
PS-Mine are all white-I'm a plain jane. LOL

Staci said...

Oh...and my Mom STILL has those pyrex dishes! We just ate something out of them at Easter! LOL!

We also had the matching plates, bowls & cups.

Staci said...

That should read I LOVE your plates. :P

Sorry to hog up space. I really need to re-read before I hit publish. :P

Christy said...

that makes me want to run screaming :) Not a fan of teh jello. Glad your mom helped you retain your street cred ;)

Anonymous said...

You raise the bar.
That is amazing.
I am not sure that a dish that size could go unscathed in my fridge to be able to build up all of those layers...but I may try.
And I hate that wierd cream layer in jellos too.
My grandma used to make all sorts of shaped jello.
That and a cake shaped like a bunny at easter with coconut for fur and jelly beans for eyes.

Mrs Furious said...

Corelle is where it is at for kids. I wish we'd just gotten white instead of all the weird mismatched stuff Kid picked out... our set tables are always something to behold ;)

"They WILL remember it."
Let's hope... that was 12 hours I'll never get back ;)

secretly I can only tolerate so much Jello... I just looked in the fridge and was like "we'll be having that for a LONG time".

Out Of Hand,
My mom also made the bunny cake with coconut and jelly beans.... wait... it was a lamb not a bunny. I remember that because when Mr F first came to Easter I said that we'd have Lamb Cake and he thought I meant something made out of lamb and was a bit afraid he might not like it!

inkelywinkely said...

I just don't have the patience to do this. LOL.

I will do one layer, then, I will eat it., No waiting, and no one else gets any.

See, it could be worse...:)

P.O.M. said...

My grams puts fruit in hers with the cool whip. It's so gross. I wish they didn't try to fancy it up and make just plain jello.

Did you know you can add Gelatin packs to it to make it higher in protein? I learned about the Gelatin packs when making jello SHOTS - it helps them stay thicker and not melty. My jello shots are pretty famous.

Kiki said...

P.O.M....sign me up for the jello shots...I'll chalk it up to needing to up my protien intake since lately all I want is carbs!!!

Mrs Furious said...

good to know!
When I made them Mr F asked which layers had the vodka in them. ;)

LOL! You and me both.

Robin said...

Beautiful!! Kent would love it. But I'm too lazy for all that. ;)

Amy said...

uh Rachel - here I am with the mormon comment again, lol! do you make it? I want to impress my kids with it too! That's kind of a cute fun kid thing!

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