Friday, May 1, 2009


I don't know why I always feel like I must apologize for being busy... but there you have it.

This week has been one of those blink and it's over weeks. And of course I am juggling icing and cookies trying to get everything I need to done for Kid's school carnival tomorrow. I have, as of today, officially thrown my hat in for class parent. Which also means that Kid is going to return next year. We just got her public school placement... and it was not our choice school... so... we'll try again next year and still hope and pray some miracle befalls us and she gets into that charter school.
As disappointing as all that was... at the same time I'm just happy to have the decision set and to move on.

Today was also Kid's May Day Festival...

Okay... I really must go ice those cookies!


Smitty said...

Believe me...the Smitty family understands busy.

Speaking of that, the Smitty Wonder Twins turned 1 yesterday! Mrs. Smitty survived a year with newborn twins boys, a 3-year-old boy...and me. She deserves an award.

julie said...

Of course you never need to apologize!!

I love that kid with the yellow dress and scarf on his head. I think I saw him at a Dead show;)

Yup, your fall will be quite interesting. Baby, newborn baby & class parent. I think you will NEED this blog as a sounding board for sure!

Marie said...

That picture of kids class looks like such fun...I wish I was 5 and went to a hippie school...

Off to dream of playing with ribbons and flowers in my hair with not a care in the world...

P.O.M. said...

Happy May Day. I wish I could put on some wings and dance around on the lawn. Much more fun than sitting at this desk :(

Mrs Furious said...

Happy Birthday to the Wonder Twins! That's fantastic! .. of course it flew by for me ;)
I bow to Mrs. Smitty.

Mrs Furious said...

" love that kid with the yellow dress and scarf on his head. I think I saw him at a Dead show;)"
LOL. It's like that everyday around there!

"I wish I was 5 and went to a hippie school..."
It's true. I'll get back to you after a couple years of academics... but for Kindergarten it's the greatest place. They got magic rocks and fairy dust today :)

If there had been alcohol it would have been even more fun ;)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Beltane!

I wish I'd gone to a hippy school! Sadly no.

But I did grow up to be a crazy goddess worshiping Pagan! We danced... not quiet a maypole because that's hard to do in apartments in Boston. But we did dance!

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