Monday, April 27, 2009

This Week The Plan

Remember this time last year? Blogging definitely has it's seasons and as things quickly move from Spring to Summer here I am needed outside. Away from the computer... defending the girls against bugs of all sorts, applying sunscreen, cleaning up popsicle drips, drinking iced coffee, and showing off my boobs.

Because these are officially popsicle days.

And for those of you of my generation I would like to inform you of the greatest discovery as of late (potentially of my lifetime)... they have brought back Jello Pudding Pops! Okay it seems that they brought them back 2 years ago... but who knew? Obviously not me. They are now shaped like fudgsicles and made by Popsicle. You can thank me later.

The things you need to know about last week:

  • I lost three pounds... 5 to go to my ideal weight.

  • We kind of cleaned up some of the house. We have a significant amount more to go... but we had a good weekend and had a lot of fun family time. 

  • I've been walking to get Kid everyday from school... despite the ridiculous heat and blazing sun. It means an extra 5 miles a week for me and 2.5 for her. 

Onto this week:


Monday - Steak bites, potatoes & onions, corn w/cilantro butter & scallions, salad

Tuesday - Scallion & Ginger Shrimp w/Noodles

Wednesday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia & Coleslaw (make extra as fish sticks for fish tacos)

Thursday - Sauteed Chicken & Zucchini in garlic & parmesan noodles

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - Fish Tacos

Sunday - Steak Sandwiches

Diet & Exercise:
I am still food journalling and working out. In addition to walking to get Kid I am aiming for 7 days of cardio on the treadmill. Life gets in the way but I like to average out at about 5 hours a week. I also desperately want to get my pilates reformer set back up and to get back into my routine.

Errands & Chores:

Monday - grocery shop

Tuesday - vacuum

Wednesday - get clothes put away

Thursday - clean off desk

Friday - get pots & soil for new plants

Weekend - clean bathrooms

A special picture that I know will make some of you laugh...


Robin said...

Ok, I am such a dork that I audibly gasped with joy at the pudding pop announcement. I will be buying a box the next time I go to the store. Fred and I were just talking about pudding pops. He is a couple of years younger than me and doesn't remember them!Now I will go finish your post. I couldn't wait til the end to comment, I was so excited about the pudding pops.

Robin said...

Finished. ;)

Kent also has a crazy bug phobia. And we are starting Love Bug season here. I don't know if you have love bugs, but they are these little black bugs that *ahem* "love" each other so much that you never see them on their own. They are always "connected" to another one. And they are everywhere for a few weeks. I don't know if we'll be going outside at all until they are gone. Which sucks because the weather is nice. Once they are gone it will be a lot hotter. Damn kids.

Mrs Furious said...

I am right there with you. Pudding Pops were one of the greatest food inventions EVER... I have often lamented that they stopped making them (and why would they?!! it never made sense).

Mrs Furious said...

I've never heard of love bugs... that is hilarious.

Of course now Baby mimics Kid and they both are "afraid"... it is so frustrating to finally get them out and ready only to have a bee fly by and have them both run back inside!

Amy said...

Huh. I also like to read the scriptures on the pot.

Andrea said...

I had no idea what pudding pops were untill just a few weeks ago, and really I must go get some everybody has told me how great they are!

katieo said...

Luke comes running in all the time from bees. Not from ACTUAL bees mind you. If he thinks about it too much he starts hearing them about to attack him by the hundreds. I almost wish he could just get stung and realize shots at the doctor's office hurt worse (which he doesn't even flinch at). weirdo.

that picture = hilarious.

julie said...

I actually have a box of the pudding pops in my freezer!

Mrs Furious said...

Dude I wish that were the pot... just a kid chair... she firmly planted in her diapers ;)

Mrs Furious said...

They're good.

" I almost wish he could just get stung and realize shots at the doctor's office hurt worse (which he doesn't even flinch at)."
I feel the same way about Kid.

What's funny is the kids are always playing with The Book of Mormon... so it is always out. I always have a laugh when people come over because we have so much religious stuff around... and that's more than a little unusual in our circles.

Me too... but for how long? ;)

Nutmeg said...

They definitely had them when I was pregnant with Eli... I know this because I had few cravings, but that was one of them... in a MAJOR way and I visited multiple stores to find them.

Kiki said...

Oh Robin, I could have lived the rest of my life without ever thinking about those in Houston-ish I remember them well and the damage they can do to your car (bug acid) and just the general ickiness of them EVERYWHERE!!

I thought Baby was on a potty...reading.

I talked to Heather about coming there and she said, "That is if she doesn't come to the beach." This is shaping up to be a great summer!!!

Shannon - said...

congrats on your weight loss -- rockstar!

Also, you have a pilates reformer?!?! I am so incredibly jealous! Mind me asking where you got it? Every one I see is rediculously expensive (as in like $3,000!)...

Mrs Furious said...

Well... that price is about right.
I have one of these. I got it a few years ago and I think even with the Tower of Power it was about $2500 or so. At the time I bought it I had been training with a pilates trainer 2x a week... and it was cheaper to just buy it rather than continue to pay so much each year when I already knew what I was doing.

Mrs Furious said...

PS pilates studios often rotate their reformers and get new ones... you could probably get a used one for a good deal. I use the Allegro and all my past trainers did too (NY & MI).

Mr Furious said...

My leftover plate in the microwave was better than the Biltmore Chef-prepared meal I had at my photo shoot yesterday.


Julie said...

I saw the pudding pops just recently! I need to buy some!
I am going to go ahead a comment on the weight stuff here. I think there is a fine line when it comes to kids and weight. I can remember being put on a diet in 2nd grade. I personally think that is ridiculous. I never felt fat, but EVERY time I went to the Peds office I was told I was FAT. Even when I was sick. I was always playing sports, but I never was a small kid, but I never really felt like a big kid either. My mom was always buying "sugar-free, fat-free, low calorie, light, diet, skim....etc" and when I would get somewhere else I would go hog wild with the regular stuff. I wasn't deprived by my mom, but at the same time if things had been accessible to me, then I wouldn't know any different and I wouldn't care. At least that is how I feel looking back on it. I don't that to happen with my kids and I don't want weight to ever be a focus. Like I have mentioned before, I have had gastric bypass surgery. I think my weight over the years would have evened out if I had not heard so much about it. I never want my kids to struggle with it...I hope it will always be a non-issue, and if it ever is an issue, I hope I can provide an appropriate balance. I work out all the time now because I enjoy it and my kids see that. Kid eats well and I think getting her moving is important...I think it is making about her wanting to and not "having" to. Of course I am pretty hard-headed and I don't like being told what to do, so that is why I feel like that!
Sorry to be so long winded. I think you are handling the issue well, and I hope that if I am faced with it that I can too!

Christy said...

Make sure to sunscreen up the boobage.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for sharing that!
"I think it is making about her wanting to and not "having" to. "
Yes I totally agree. I am working hard to try to find things to chose to do that she would do any way and just offer them more frequently.

I always get those boobs lubed up! I learned that the hard way.

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