Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny Stuff

"Award Winning 6'2" Humorist Speaker" is actually funny enough. I mean she had me with that.


HaleyBird said...

That was pretty funny. :) Does Kid just adore this woman? She seems like a wholesome church=goer who would be right up her ally... :)

julie said...

that was good. i really enjoyed that. I loved listening to her Southern drawl, too.

Mrs Furious said...

I love her. I actually downloaded one of her comedy albums last night. I love a woman who knows how to bash her husband ;)

I'm not sure... Kid has yet to behold her majesty.

Dinah Soar said...

I watched this a week or so ago...there are 4 more short videos on you-tube..equally hilarious...loved her sense of humor and she proves it's possible to be funny without resorting to vulgarity.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, I watched them all the other night. Then I made Mr F watch them. She's hilarious.

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