Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last night I was dreaming... you know how dreams don't always make complete sense...

I was watching a girl (maybe 12) painting. She was painting the cover of a math book with one of those fan brushes and some mossy green paint. She painted all the edges and then impulsively, and confidently, she swirled a slightly imperfect infinity symbol in the center of the front cover.

I was looking from a distance that was impossibly close. An angle an observer wouldn't have with a naked eye.

Then I thought "Wow it must be nice to have such abilities... much more important than a sense of humor."

That's when I shot up in bed.

Whew... just a bad dream.


P/F said...

...I've had Violent Femmes in my head all day since reading this.

(showing my age)

Mrs Furious said...

Hey that's not too old for me!

Mr F's old enough that he completely missed them. Now that is showing your age... ;)

P.O.M. said...

I had a dream last night that I popped a zit on my face and a plant came out of it (like a house plant). How gross and weird is THAT? I can't believe I even shared that.

P.O.M. said...

PS: Love the Violent Femmes.

katieo said...

I almost didn't marry Aaron because I didn't think he was funny enough. (well, he has a sense of's just a little different than in, not as funny.) But it has all evened out over the years. Now we laugh at all the same stuff and he takes life a little less seriously whereas I take it a little more seriously.

why did I share all that? I don't know.

HaleyBird said...

Yeah, nobody ever got laid because they wielded a fan brush like a pro, yo.

Mrs Furious said...

Now that is a nightmare! Frightening.

Also did the douche break up with you because of the blog?

I liked it. Always interesting to get some background info.

I'm also (obviously) much funnier than Mr F ;)

No... it's true... he doesn't even try to deny it anymore.
But I'm also a more ridiculous comic and find absurdity absolutely hilarious... sometimes Mr F isn't on that wave length. His loss.

Smitty said...

I am trying to discern what was bad or nightmarish about that dream. Sounded kinda neat. I am missing something.

Mrs Furious said...

lol... yes... that is always the danger with dream interpretation.

For me it was nightmare. I actually woke up in that moment stressed and anxious. Because... I consider having a sense of humor my greatest personal trait. And it was the implication that that is not as worthy of a gift as innate artistic talent.

lucinda said...

But you have innate artistic talent and a sense of humor. Don't forget your art school scholarship...

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks Mom ;)

PS I was looking at math curriculum the night before.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Especially as mothers. Our very lives depend on it.

Mrs Furious said...

I actually woke up thinking... you know having a sense of humor saves lives! What's more important than that?! Take that subconscious.

Smitty said...

And it was the implication that that is not as worthy of a gift as innate artistic talent.

Ah yes! Look at it this way, then: a sense of humor is, in and of itself, an artistic talent.

P.O.M. said...

Sorry... Just saw this.
No, he didn't quite break up with me. He didn't want a "serious" relationship all of a sudden. Basically, just sex. So I ended it with him.

What is with me finding every man nearing 40 who is afraid of committment?

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