Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Not Over Yet

I really hate the whole "Back To School" time. It seems to me that as soon as August rolls around we are supposed to get all whipped up into a froth buying supplies and getting our ducks in a line and completely forgetting that we still have THREE AND A HALF WEEKS OF VACATION LEFT! You know? It takes a lot of wherewithal to steel yourself and not get anxious along with all the school forms and supply lists that make their way into every mailbox you have.

Why is it that in August two weeks of vacation becomes a feverish "WE ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT!!!" As if you were trying to finalize all your last minute wedding details. But in December two weeks seems like a nice long leisurely break.

I have been trying with everything I have in me not to let these past weeks become a blur of school prep, and getting "back on schedule", and to enjoy them for what they really have been... time off... of schedules and lunches... rushed evenings... morning fights over tangled hair and sock seams... days that instantly seem to become filled with all errands and no fun.

We still have 9 days off. And we're going to sleep-in and watch cartoons and stay nude (some of us) RIGHT up until the day we can't anymore.


Torey said...

i don't even have kids in school yet, and at the begining of august, i get that panicky feeling in my stomach.

back to school blows.

inkelywinkely said...

I know...and I hate that I am expected to be so ecstatic to get rid of Punk for school..

Yeah, 'cause I just LOVE running around like a crazy person, waking up early, and everything else that comes along with it, in comparison to stay in bed longer, lethargically learning about stuff as we go, eating at a decent pace, having time to make things better for us, not rushing...(cause you know Punk's mom won't allow him to be homeschooled by us, even though she has NOTHING to do with his schooling now..calling it her "state provided babysitter::gag::)

Enjoy your time off hun..I will be up in 3 hours making breakfast and getting clothing on an unwilling kid.

Kiki said...

I do love "Back to School" shopping, new clothes, new paper goods....I don't have kids so I buy myself a new outfit, bag....okay, I might buy myself a neat, new notebook and a cool pen too.

Enjoy your time!!

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