Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meaningless Updates

It's been raining all day. I mean literally ALL day.

Have I ever told you how dark and cave like our house is?Especially on a rainy day?

It's ridiculous. It could be 9 AM, it could be 9 PM. There is seriously no way to tell.

Which just makes me feel tired and lazy. I mean how energetic and motivated can you be in boudoir lighting?

I did manage to rewash the laundry from last week.

Yes I said "RE- wash".

As in... when I took them out of the dryer they smelled like wet dog and not Bounty Fabric Softener.

But, honestly, I wasn't much interested in rewashing them just for the sake of smelling fresh. They were clean. I had already folded and put everything away... which is a considerable feat in and of itself.

Which turned out to be kind of awkward and nasty (I used a lot of perfume last week).

I was hoping it would kind of play out like the garlic theory... if we all smelled like wet dog maybe we wouldn't notice.


Today Kid informed me that her shirt smelled "terrible" and I knew it was true.

So I rallied myself. I went through all the drawers and closets in search of nastiness and I popped them all back in for a round two with EXTRA detergent.

And without the wad of smelly dishtowels I had in there the first time.



Robin said...

Dude. The stinky ass dishcloths? I was just thinking that the other day. I bleach the hell out of them, but it doesn't matter. They still smell like ass the minute they get wet.

Mr Furious said...

I think the bleach (sometimes) works, but Mrs F is anti-bleach. Plus, not all of our nasty-ass cloths are white...

I think if we BURNED all those cloths the ashes would still smell like wet dog.

Mrs Furious said...

Let me tell you... I have bleached them. I've even run an empty washer with bleach to make sure it wasn't the washer. There are a couple colored ones (and they do smell the worst... always have... even new which should have been a tip off) that I can't bleach.

Now the funny thing is up at the cottage the dish cloths smell HORRIBLE. Like dead dog. I always assumed it was part of a family weirdness and certain people's inability (in fact refusal) to realize they were potentially killing us all with bacteria. So while I was there I took it upon myself and washed them ALL the time. Like every day. And they ALWAYS smelled terrible once they got wet. Then I realized it was just the curse of the dishcloth.

Someone give us the magic answer!!

Elizabeth said...

What do you mean? there is nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unsanitary about that cottage! IGNORE the fifty shedding dead animals! LOOK AWAY from the rusty sharp pointy objects (what the hell are those giant scythe like things hanging from the back balcony we never go onto because the door is nailed shut anyway?!?)
FORGET about the hideously shedding polar bear skin we FINALLY threw out after many years of it shedding its hideousness all over us.
Bugs in the kitchen WHAT BUGS?!

I could go on.

I love that place so much though.

Kiki said...

Quarter cup of WHITE vinegar, has to be white, in with the detergent...gets rid of any funk and not dangerous to your fabrics....{{fingers crossed}} for you.

P/F said...

I agree w/ Kiki on white vinegar (used like a rinse at the end, eliminates the need for fabric softener or sheets - which my son is allergic to anyway).

But serious funk has been completely eliminated by Oxyclean. I fill the little measuring cup that comes w/ it 1/4 of the way and put it in the bottom of my washer before loading. I often leave my laundry in the washer all day after it's clean, and still NO funky odor (even in summer!).

And dishcloths - soak in a bucket of water/ Oxyclean overnight - they will not smell. Also safe for colors. I could write a book on the things Oxyclean has saved in this house (antique china, linens).

Probably not the most environmentally perfect product, but my mom's English so she passed on the scrub and sanitize gene big time - I'm convinced it works better/more gently than bleach.

Also, maybe your UV washer thing needs servicing.

HaleyBird said...

I gotta agree with P/F -- I may name my firstborn Oxyclean. That shit is awesome... kind of frighteningly so...

Mrs Furious said...

Kiki & P/F,
I've got both vinegar & oxyclean. I'll try the vinegar first. Then I'll do an oxyclean soak. I try not to use that on our clothes but I could care less what we put on the dishtowels.

The UV thing stopped working when we moved here. Mr F is too frustrated to actually try and figure out how to get it fixed so we're back to detergent.

Mrs Furious said...


Mrs Furious said...

hahaha... have you ever smelled the sponge? Now that is a bacterial laden nightmare!

Elizabeth said...

oh god! WHY do they not understand that sponges are DISPOSABLE?

And that funk NEVER comes off my hands. There's just something about sponge funk that sticks to me more than other people.

Interestingly, sanitation is NOT one of the reasons we seceeded from the Union of the Big Cottage.

Andrea said...

I have found that ODOBAN is the only thing that gets out funky smells I buy it at homedepot and just a little goes a long way(I put it in the softner part of the washer but dont fill it or you'll pass out from the eucalyptus smell) it kills bacteria, like this shit makes the dog bed smell good Ive even used it diluted outside to wash off the patio from the dog urine when she gets to excited works like a charm.

Penelope Anne said...

Ive been through the stinky laundry gig but mine is b/c i forget to take them out of the washer or forget to start the dryer (not that i get side tracked easy or anything-piff!) and they mildew and then i try the ol' spray some febreez in the dryer and run for an hour - which never friggin works! UGH! so after the kids refuse to wear them I have to rewash! LOL! OH - Mrs F - the sponge comment made me throw up a little! hee hee~!!~~

Mrs Furious said...

Penelope Anne,
haha... just imagine how much you might want to throw up if you had to smell it in person ;)

I'd never heard of that. I'll jot it down... could be something that I want to have on hand!

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