Monday, August 17, 2009

If There's Something Weird And It Don't Look Good ... Who You Gonna Call?

When we came home from vacation something really weird happened. The very first night home Baby became visibly agitated upon entering my room. She kept looking at the windows and saying "Winnows are gone."

Say what?

Seriously it was weird. The windows are exactly the same as they were when we left.

"No they're not sweetie the windows are there." I said trying to reassure her, thinking she must just be confused about there being a considerable downgrade in view from our Up North digs.

"Yes they are! The winnows are GONE!" She replied adamantly.

Alright weirdo.

I decided to drop it. But she kept bringing it up.

Try as I might I could not figure out what was wrong with the windows.

This has been going on for weeks.

The other night I came in the room and Baby was sitting on my bed staring at the windows and I overheard her saying...
"Stop that winnows! My mom is coming!" like she was trying to convince a bully to leave her alone.

Honestly she was starting to freak me out. I felt like we were having a Sixth Sense "I see dead people" moment.

"What's wrong with the windows?" I asked her again.

"They're gone." Came her familiar reply.

Flummoxed but desperate to figure it out I wondered if I should lower the shades (remember I made those weird faux roman shades which have been pinned in place?). She nodded emphatically.

So I did. I took out the pins in one of the shades just to see if it made a difference and she seemed relieved.

I only unpinned that one window the other one is still left in place as it had been. This didn't seem to bother her even though that was the window she was yelling at. It didn't really make any sense, but for some reason it appeased her.

Well, tonight I wanted to leave the window open so I pinned the one shade back up in place. I figured it had been a week since she'd mentioned it and maybe she was over it.

Baby walked in the room and noticed immediately.

"NO not like that!" She cried.

So I took it back down.

Then she demanded I lower the other one.


Totally weird.

And creepy.

Really creepy.


julie said...

That would totally freak me out.

Torey said...

i think you just added another reason for moving. . .


Staci said...


Ms. Flusterate said...

Is she seeing a reflection, maybe?

If not, I'd FLIP OUT and move. seriously. I'm that much of a baby. The amityville horror shows and poltergeist movies placed me over the edge with house drama.


Elizabeth said...

well, if you want some sort of Wiccan exorcism, i can do that!

Kelly said...

I totally understand what you're going through. We used to live in a 50 year old house that a little old lady died in. My 4 year old suddenly became afraid of the dark and refused to sleep in his room. He insisted that there was a bloody eyeball on the wall that looked at him when he tried to go to bed. I would have thought that he was making it up to get out of bed time except that he was only 2 at the time and he wouldnt have the ability to make that up. He would also tell me that there was a woman in the room watching him. Gave me the heebie jeebies! They say that young children have a higher sensibility to the paranormal because they haven't been conditioned that such things don't exist.

Heather said...

Totally. Freaky. Kelly's comment especially. Gulp.

Mrs Furious said...

Holy Moly! Now that is creepy and I don't know how you lived through it. Thank God you moved!

Ms Flusterate... I'm not sure about the reflection. I'm going to try and investigate that more. She does recognize her own reflection usually. I hope that is it... because seriously it's creepy.

As if I needed more ;)

I will let you know!

Julie, Staci & Heather,
Creepsville. If she said she saw a person like Kelly's son the house would already be listed ;)

Kim said...

go to Greenlife or Earthfare and get some sage to smudge your room with.

Mrs Furious said...

interesting. I might need more directions as to how to smudge it. Maybe google will know ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Google worked! Can't hurt I'm heading to Greenlife tomorrow anyway.

Elizabeth said...

sage is very good. Also ringing bells. if you really think there's something there, shout at it to get out (or tell it very firmly? It's all about what you feel comfortable with.) You could have Baby tell it to leave too, since it's been bothering her. Just say it with authority and believe it will work.

BsOnlyToots said...

Where there window coverings on the windows up north? Maybe its nothing more than her liking the windows covered?! Since she is saying the windows are "gone" when the coverings are up, maybe she means the window coverings are gone, and as far as her telling them to "stop cause mommy is coming" I wouldn't put too much into that, that is VERY toddlers response to get something they want! LOL OK I made up my story of why your house isnt haunted ... now i'm going to bed, with the lights on! LMAO

Kiki said...

My mom was driving along the North Shore coast of Long Island with my (at the time) baby sister in the back seat, April (my baby sister) says, "Mommy look at the angels." My mom looked out the window and said, "Sweetie, those are SEAGULLS, not angels." To which April promptly replied, "Mommy, God says they're angels." My mom stopped arguing.

I would get some kind of blessing on the a minister, priest or rabbi...or all three, if you are really concerned.

In the meantime big hugs to you...

inkelywinkely said...

LOL..yeah, I wouldn'tknow what to think..that's freaky.

Kim said...

You can e-mail me for more info, but google has good info on smudging and Greenlife carries sage. If I were you I'd smudge my whole house so that if there is negative energy, spirits, etc they won't just move to another room. If this doesn't work, let me know b/c I have friends locally who had to have their house "cleansed"...very freaky story but the cleansing totally worked (their kids were seeing stuff, having nightmares, etc)

Mrs Furious said...

thanks. I hadn't really thought about it and thought it was just a phase but Baby has been having nightmares EVERY single night since we got back. Hmm...

I hope you slept well ;)

Yes I think we can tell it firmly to go. It might be kind of empowering to her. I don't feel any negative energy in there at all and I would normally expect that I would. We'll see what happens.

That's pretty cute actually.

Dinah Soar said...

Could you possibly have a peeping Tom?...when my little sister was 2-3 (I was 15/16) she woke up crying in her crib...I went in to see what was wrong but everything looked fine (It was on a Saturday, late afternoon in the summer, I was babysitting and the windows were open..and there was a railroad track behind our house).

I went in picked her up, trying to comfort her, realizing something was wrong, but clueless. I proceeded to the living room and looking outside noted a bum was in the process of stealing my little brother's bicycle from our front yard. I then realized the bum must have been peeping in the baby's window--which was on the ground floor adjacent to our living room, she saw him and it gave her a fright.

I was so furious (mom was single, money was scarce and she couldn't replace my 9 year old brother's bike) that I raced out the door screaming at the bum..who headed down the street on the bike. I went inside and called the police, who found the bike a few blocks away, thrown down in someone's yard.

Something is scaring baby.

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