Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey I Know I'm A Little Weight Loss Heavy These Days...

But that's where I'm at.

Deal with it.

I've also got some serious deep thoughts roaming around the 'ol nog.

Including but not limited to...

What is the one thing you are not doing (for whatever reason) that you believe would make you happiest?

Note I did not say happier. I mean what is that one (two, three, four) dream you dream for yourself that resonates so deeply you believe (hope) that it is actually going to make you happiest?

And why aren't you taking the steps you need to to make that change?

I'm going to. I'm formulating my plan.

And, people, the fact that I am going to take action (even if delayed) is titillating.

I feel rejuvenated.

I think that sometimes you have to give your dreams a chance to get out of your head. To really analyze what it is that keeps bringing you back to the same fantasy. And how you can make it part of your reality.


Rah said...

Your videos always encourage me! I've tried numerous times over the past year to begin a weight loss program. I would love to lose 30 pounds. I know that I can, as I have done it before, BUT the problem that I have had over the past year is trying to set too many goals at once-I need to organize and work on the house, work on our budget and save more money, start a new career, etc, etc. At the beginning of the summer, I felt ready to really lose the weight and at that same time found out that I have celiac disease. So, I have spent the entire summer determining what I can eat, what I can afford to buy, what I need to get recipes for, where I can go out to dinner, and all of the other things that go along with completely changing your lifestyle. So, now I am ready, but almost don't know where to begin.

As far as a food journal, which I have, do you plan out what you are going to eat for the entire day or do you just record as you eat? I notice that you meal plan dinner (through your blog), but wasn't sure if you did that for your entire day including other meals and snacks. Since I will be back at work next week, I am thinking I should probably plan out my entire day...not sure?

Kiki said...

I'm putting it out there...I would love to be a professor (art history preferably) and a baby. That's all, those two things kind of elude me.

HaleyBird said...

Man, I love it when you're motivated because I can leech off of your energy... mmmmm... furious energy....

HaleyBird said...

Oh, and my dream... a small, home business involving making beautiful little things with my hands, in an airy studio with a white floor and animals sleeping under my feet.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Writing a novel, which I started working on a couple months ago when a similar fire hit me.

I have a shorter-term goal of having abs of steel by the end of summer. Working on it.

Mrs Furious said...

I eat the same exact breakfast everyday. I always have a coffee and a homemade oatmeal waffle.
I don't plan my day but I eat basically the same kind things most of the time. I eat leftovers or a sandwich for lunch. I have coffee & a snack at 4 and then dinner and then a dessert & snack later in the night. I try to eat around 250, 300, 300, 400, 250 & 150 or so. I have things that I know are satisfying for snacks, etc and I make sure I have those on hand.

Have you been spying on my dreams? ;)
Let's start a crafty commune.

What do you need to do to start working towards your Art History dream?

If you have a six pack by the end of summer I am going to hunt you down and kill you.

BsOnlyToots said...

oooo ... a dream ... hmmm

Seriously, my dream would be to have a clean house, all the time, you know one of those house that everything is in its place, and clean. Not like a tornado went through no matter how much cleaning I do .. annnd to get to that dream, I have to successfully raise 5 children, and send then each off to college to get good jobs, so they don't come back home to live! Ha! I have 16 years to do it!

Also, Mrs F & Haleybird .. y'all can come join me in my craft room! the floors aren't white, they are grey, and the animals don't come out there 'cause I don't want fur on everything, but we can make stuff with our hands, I've got all the supplies!! LOL

Kiki said...

I have to go back to school, which the Gap kind of frowns on...then to even get my doctorate I'd have to go somewhere that has a program for it....because my small town University doesn't have it available, getting Ken to move = tricky.

Haley, I want to make lovely things too...such a nice picture in my head...are you on your way to making this happen?

Mrs Furious said...

The floor color is not a deal breaker for me ;)
And I'm insanely jealous...

"which the Gap kind of frowns on"

would you consider leaving the Gap?

Supermom said...

Dreams. Hmmm. I will think on this and get back to you.

I will be in your area tomorrow with all my girls. Want to do lunch at the LO??

Or even just hang?

Let me know.

P.O.M. said...

Hi. Just catching up. I love your motivating posts! You encourage more people than you know with your honesty!

I'm so feeling you on the being happy making the right choices. Some people don't get it, but it just feels so good to be healthier and make healthier choices. For me, it's also that I have to do it all the time.

Mrs Furious said...

Hey thanks POM!

I'll email ya

BsOnlyToots said...

Haha Hubs made my craft room because he got sick of craft ing stuff taking over our bedroom! LOL So he enclosed our bac porch wich we never used due to spiders! And now I have my craft room! I love it and would be out there constantly if I could! If you're ever down here in Florida you can come play and the kiddos can entertain themselves!! hehe

Heather said...

I'm losing it, fo sho. I could have SWORN I posted something. Guess I didn't.

Ok anyway, I saw your post on Robin's blog and thought a lot about it while DYING on the elliptical (60 minutes, baby). Freedom for me = losing this weight. So every choice that I make towards that goal = a step towards freedom. Freedom for me is not putting my mouth under a chocolate fountain, although that does sound awesome. Freedom it is not.

So yes, my dreams involve being FREE of this weight, and FREE to be myself!! And also riding a bike to work like those women in the JCrew catalogs. Wearing an impossibly cute dress.

Amy said...

Hola...long time no posty! (need to catch up w/ your life....)

My dream of all dreams...

To own a kid-friendly coffee/cafe shop. It would have a cozy lounge area for the adults to hang out, complete w/ wifi of course, and the kids area would be sectioned off for age-appropriateness: pre-crawlers, toddlers, youngsters. Basically a place that people can take their kids and not have to worry about them getting in their hair while they catch up with a friend over a good cup of coffee. Security entrance so you don't have to worry about them leaving. Party room for bdays. would allow me a licensed kitchen to do cakes on the side, legally!

Alas now it's just not in the cards. With hubby's business we have to pay off his equipment first. I've gone as far as meeting with an advisor w/ our local small business assoc. and he gave it a big thumbs up and basically said go for it. He told me the reason people hesitate is fear of failing. (of course!) Hubby is all for it, thinks it will do great. We hope to get this going maybe when the kids are elementary age.

My more realistic...current dream, of course the weight. I am turning the big 4-0 in a few weeks (GAH!!) and I keep putting off being serious about it. I can see this dream more clearly, just need to put my foot down and DO it.

....sorry it's so long!

inkelywinkely said...

sounds completely retartded, and there is no ay possible to make it happen, so it will stay a dream, but the biggest one is to own a restaurant just for kids. They can take their parents out. :)

They only serve kid favorites and it has a really cute and crazy kiddy decor. Punk has decided he would be the Maitre de (sp? I am ignorant. LOL)

After that, to have babies...After that, to have Punk live here full time...After that, to have a friend that lives close by. :)

Deb said...

Oh, goodie -- six-pack abs AND a visit from Mrs. Furious. I'll make sure I have the sangria chilled.

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