Saturday, August 8, 2009

Housing Search 2010: 110 years old plus acreage preferred... now accepting applications

"I'm just sayin'... if we move out... I'll be home less." Mr F says.

"I'm just sayin' if we don't... I'll be home less." Mrs F retorts.

We're either living crazy Laura Ingalls style or I'm hitting the road in an RV.


inkelywinkely said...

yeah, the cabin is gorgeous...but it is 500 sq feet, even Laura wasn't THAT crazy. LOL.

I so NEED to know what is going on in your head...I cannot sleep. Seriously. I am losing my damned mind trying to figure it out 24/7...::shakes head::

TELL ME!! (only partially don't have to if you don't want to.)

You should come on down to Louisiana...home of really old houses, affordable prices, and crazy low cost of living. :D

Here ye go, not far from me:,LA%20mortgage%20rates&fpage=3&loc=Alexandria,%20LA&deducedLoc=Alexandria,LA&bd=0&pl=0&pu=10000000

and..if you wanna get EVEN CLOSER to me (I personally like my town better as it is more charming, and NOT a city. LOL):

See what that kind of money buys here? LOL...

I was just trying to lighten you up...if something happens where you have to get out, then do what makes you guys happy...there is always better somewhere, and you never find it until you look. I personally DON'T like N.C. and my little brother lives there..remember that not all of the south is like that place (actually many southerners don't even consider it the south anymore)...please don't give up on us- we won't give up on you. Even if you have to go back up north, if that makes ya'll happy- do it and fuck everyone else!!

Your family matters!! Do what you think will help them the most. Mom knows best and all that jazz.


Now... I still need to know. LOL

Kelly said...

That cabin is so cool. I know this sounds crazy (maybe I have an old soul) but I have always wanted to live like that.

Kiki said...

Whatever you do make sure you still have Internet service...I'd be lost without my Furious updates!!!

More later... I have to get to work!

HaleyBird said...

Love it.

But...where does the treadmill go...?

Mrs Furious said...

LOL.... one of the things that kept me up last night... that and where'd we put Mr F's computer.

anywhere we go will have wireless ;)

Of course it doesn't sound crazy to me ;)

Oh I WISH we could move further away. Until Mr F gets another job we're stuck to a certain radius. And it is expensive up here. We're actually hoping to find something that we can rent when the time comes. We don't want to be tied down.

Check out THIS ONE. Sure it's a good hour plus commute for Mr F... but it has it's own spring water!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh and Inkley,
Are you freaking kidding me?! I am seething with jealously that you can get such big old homes for so cheap. Argh!!! Why do we have to be stuck here?!!!
Although I'm not exactly sure I'm ready for wild boars ;)

Kniki said...

I really like the idea of living a simple life in an old cabin!

I think you should go for it and write a book either fiction or non-fiction based on your experiences, I'd love to read something like that and you have such a great writing style!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you. If we do it... especially something as extreme as that cabin... I will definitely write about it!

katieo said...

Is this the big thing? Geez Mrs F, here I was preparing for you to announce something like, "We're moving to a nudist colony after this school year." or "I really am getting a second husband." or "Mr. F is quitting his job and we're going to pick our food out of other people's garbage."


I think the cabin looks cozy!

Pioneer. Set the trend. :)

Mrs Furious said...

DANG IT!!!!! I was just telling Mr F that I was going to put up a gag post about moving to a nudist colony. He thought no one would buy it... and I was like believe me people will believe it and it will be the funniest thing ever.

There's more to it but basically I'm ready to try the rural thing.

inkelywinkely said...

dont worry, mrs f, most of those shone are nowhere near where you'd get wildlife like that... they usually stay in marshy areas...none near those neighborhoods. :)

I hoe you figure everything out. Yes, Louisiana supposedly has the LOWEST cost of living and the lowest cost of real estate, and we are far enough up that home insurance and such are no biggy and that there is no risk of flood or anything.

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