Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

This summer my aunt was talking about her weight loss efforts and bad mouthing some seriously respectable pound dropage.
"But that's about 2 pounds a week." I said.
"That's really good." I reminded her.

The thing with weight loss is that it just isn't always consistent. You'll have crazy good weeks where you'll drop 4 pounds (which she did) followed by a week when you might lose a pound. You just averaged 2.5 pounds a week but you're focusing on the fact that you lost 4 pounds right out of the gate and now believe that is your goal... because you think you're capable of it. And anything less is disappointing.

One thing I do know is that it's important not to get disappointed. You've got to stay positive or you'll start to act out and sabotage your efforts.


I suggested she go home and get out a calendar. At the top of the month she could record her current weight and at the bottom she should write down her monthly goal weight. And it should include a low range goal and a high range goal. I support a 4 - 8 pound range. If you have a great month than YAY!.... but I know I'm not going to lose weight, consistently, faster than that.

So let's just say at the top she's going to write 150... than at the bottom she'd write down 142-146.

Maybe she'll surpass that goal. BUT instead of looking at 146 on the scale and thinking "That's it?!! I lost that much in a week last month!" She'll have a reminder that that was within her month's healthy weight loss goals. Instead of seeing it as a failure she can see it as a success.

Because I don't have a lot to lose and I need more positive reinforcement I've adapted this same idea on a weekly level. I've got 1 & 1.5 weight loss goals written on each Wednesday for the next two months. Instead of feeling like this is slow going I now feel like it is totally doable and that I'm on target. And I can see when I should reach my goal (end o' September) and can practically taste it.


Ms. Flusterate said...

Excellent idea! I was just lamenting that I have 8 lbs to take off (why does this seem to be a theme around here? I almost want to study that phenomenon--how is it that so many of us have just about that much weight to lose these days).

I got to thinking...I gained the 8 pounds over the past 3 months. I'd like to take them off NOW but I know that's just impatience and not a good idea in general.

I'm aiming for 2 months. A pound a week. I like the calendar idea so I think I shall employ it! Thanks!!

Heather said...

Awesome post -- love the part about being positive. I need to do that more.

carrie said...

I'm in and committed.

My food journal is on my desk...and my ass was up and running at 6am. Like you said, when you're ready...you're ready. Thank God.

Mrs Furious said...

Ms Flusterate,
8 pounds.. yes it is an interesting phenomenon. I wonder if it is the limit when we all have to acknowledge we've let it go too far? 5 pounds isn't enough I guess ;)

2 months for me too. I think once you get down so close to goal it's harder to lose quickly and I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.

I think the positivity is key for the long haul. You get addicted to feeling proud of yourself... and that is what keeps you going. (you=me)

I'm excited. Seriously... just think that in 2 months we'll be at our goal weight. That's nothing.
Then I'm going to figure out how to stay there while still *enjoying* the holidays...

HaleyBird said...

You know, I haven't really thought about a timeframe to lose my weight (other than Robin's New Year's idea) but maybe I should give it some thought b/c otherwise I could see being a bit too easy on myself... :)

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