Saturday, August 8, 2009


We just got back from Kid's before school potluck.

It was pretty much a social coup for me.

What an unexpected turn of events. I'm feeling 100 times less anxious about my class parent responsibilities.

First off there was some fresh blood.

Secondly, three of the stodgiest richie rich old boys' families are out.

They were replaced with 2 families that are clearly falling into the Furious "we're barely making it but we're committed to doing right by our kids" camp.

In a class of 12 kids that really does change the entire dynamic.

Also Ditz, the other class parent, was not in attendance (they are the last standing member's of the old boys' club) and so I could just be myself without having to work around her social wet blanket.

Without her around I was able to sell the new parents on my email plan to promote constant and thorough communication from the informed to the uninformed. They were ALL for it.

So my confidence is boosted. My goals and action plan have been validated.

Maybe this year, and this commitment, won't be so terrible after all.

P.S. All you past class parents out there will be happy to hear that I set my boundaries right from the outset. While I did orchestrate the potluck in terms of arranging who brings what, etc. I did not arrive early and set up... this was the teachers' hosted potluck. I arrived 5 minutes late. I brought the most substantial entree (fried chicken fyi... and it was fantastic and all eaten up) but I did not set up the food. I also made sure that we picked up our dish and cleared out a bit early. As soon as several families had gone we left. I don't want to set a precedent that I'm going to "do it all". I'm the class parent not the only adult in the room with arms. I'm going to do what needs to be done to be helpful... but not put myself (or my family) out and not take on more than I can handle without enjoying it. And for the first time in my life I am actually okay with that. I was completely at ease driving out of that driveway 15 minutes early. I know that what I did was enough and that I really don't need to overextend myself anymore. Lord knows it doesn't ever get you any more acknowledgment.


Supermom said...

Well done Mrs F!!!

Mrs Furious said...

You better not be reading this on your vacation!

Kelly said...

Its great that everything is working pout so well for you! I think it is definitely a good idea that you dont over extend yourself.

HaleyBird said...

Right. On.

Staci said...

Great Job! :)

Miss Theresa said...

Way to go Mrs. F!

That's how to show them how it's done...Furious Style!

gooddog said...

love this: "I'm the class parent not the only adult in the room with arms."

I am planning to repeat it often about numerous responsibilities!

Mrs Furious said...

thank you. You know it doesn't come naturally to me but BY GOD I am not going to be a doormat. And I don't want this to be "that commitment" that I drop and bailout on at the last minute because I've already stressed myself out with all the "ifs".

I was totally thinking "I hope people recognize how freaking profound a statement that is"... so glad someone did. ;)

Supermom said...

We leave very early Wednesday morning!!!!

Andrea said...

good for you I really love the last part of your statement "-not the only adult in the room with arms" Im gonna use this with my husband every single day.

Heather said...

I love love love that you set boundaries. So smart and brave!!

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