Sunday, June 29, 2008

Divine Intervention

Kid was making breakfast with Mr F this morning and happened upon the wooden skewer I had used as a cake tester last night.

She asked about it and Mr F said...

"Mom sticks the toothpick into the cake and if it comes out clean it's done."

"Does God force it to be clean or does Jesus make it." Kid inquired.


Deb said...

She cracks me up.

Mrs Furious said...

I suppose it is the same kind of interest as her old obsession with Greek Mythology. It does really make me wonder about past life stuff though. She is just naturally drawn to this stuff.

Torey said...

how bizarre!

But of course, totally adorable.

In a creepy kind of way!

Julie said...

Hmmm....that is really funny. And thought-provoking, too. What a thinker Kid is.

Murphy will talk about God and/or baby Jesus and I can only think he's picking that up at school because it is not happening here. Jeez, the things kids pick up at school:) Just kidding, truly no offense to anyone.

Elizabeth said...

but, but... what was the answer! Or was there just laughing?

Mrs Furious said...



Mr F said Kid was actually self aware of the joke aspect of the question. She can be unusually tongue in cheek for a 5 year old ;)

I've come to expect the bizarre from her. :)

"Jeez, the things kids pick up at school"

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