Sunday, June 29, 2008

Furious Family Road Trip


Julie said...

Bummer on both fronts. Hate when that kind of stuff happens.

Can I just say that your children seemed so calm and well behaved in the car (even though I know it was only a 3 minute video). My children are nuts in the car when they are together. It is never that peaceful. Was Baby singing to herself? So adorable.

hicktowndiva said...

Yeah, garage sale idea? I have had terrible luck in TN with garage sales. I don't know if it's a Southerner thing, but people really want super-super-extra-cheap bargains (like, lower than regular prices). If you know that you could make some cash in Ann Arbor with a garage sale, don't chance it.

Torey said...

They're so cute!

I almost screamed at the computer that Mr. F needed to buckle up, but then he did. You don't want him flying around in a crash!

Gup does that same singing thing that Baby does. It's super cute!!!

Mr Furious said...

For the record, I always buckle up. Having a dad who was a first-responder instills that at an early age.

As you can see, I subscribe to the old-school, look over the shoulder out the back window style of backing the car up. Mrs. F is a mirror-user.

Kid reminds me EVERY time to buckle up and that the three seconds I am unbuckled before I even reach the road is "Not Safe!"

Suzy said...

It's probably a good thing that Baker's Square closed down, we went there last year because we had a coupon and it was a dump. Oh but those pies...I mean how can you really go wrong with like 20 different kinds to choose from!!

I totally want those little beds from IKEA, but my Mr. isn't as gung-ho yet. They will look adorable in your new place!!

Anonymous said...

New reader to your blog--and totally enjoying it! :)

We are about to list our house and plan to move everything, then have a garage sale--I didn't even think about the bonus of meeting new neighbors!


Mrs Furious said...

Welcome! :)

Good luck with your move.
Garage sale is a great idea... who wouldn't come out to check out the new neighbors? I know I would.

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