Monday, June 30, 2008

Starting Over

Remember last week when I said I was my highest weight? Um... well... that wasn't technically my highest weight. I actually managed to gain a little more. That might have been partly due to a little sabotage (hello sheet cake), partly due to an unexpected date night (hey these come along VERY rarely), but primarily due to my complete lack of planning.

I'd like to blame it on all the other stuff on my plate these day but the reality is you can't lose weight without a plan. When I was losing I had a dieting philosophy that allowed me to eat anything I wanted as long as I kept under my calorie limit. That didn't mean that I just winged it I always had set treats and consistent calorie limits. And I guess I just forgot that. I was ready to lose but then when I was hungry or having a craving I didn't have anything ready and waiting (think cookie dough balls).

So this week I'm getting serious. I'm stocking up on my kashi go lean bars, my sandwich makings, and a dessert choice and moving forward.


Julie said...

I'm with you on this. I have to get back to the food diary and planning my day. With the kids home and the schedule off, I need to do this more than ever.

Mrs Furious said...

Julie... I weigh even more today!!! WTF is going on?!?!
Maybe that's what I needed to buckle it back down...

Elizabeth said...

Don't beat yourself up!
With weightwatchers I totally figured out that results are delayed a little while at least. Like, I'd have a terrible week and loose, but a fine next week and see the gain from the week before.

Um... did that even make any sense?

Torey said...

Can I just say that my kid quit nursing but my appetite didn't leave?? I may have to jump on the Furious Weight Loss Program!

Mrs Furious said...

don't worry I'm turning Baby back around... it was just for watching the videos on the way to Asheville!

Mrs Furious said...

yes yes yes... that makes sense. Hopefully that's it. I really want to get down before I start slipping too far up and it is only harder to lose!

Torey said...

I totally didn't comment on Baby's seat! I thought about it, but I didn't say anything. . .ok, I told N!

So seriously, will I stop eating everything in sight anytime soon?

Danielle said...

I hear you...LOUD and CLEAR. I've been an emotional wreck lately. Emotional Wreck = Not paying attention to what I eat = Bad news. I'm up Three pounds in TWO weeks!?! I'm getting back on track...tomorrow! :)

Mr Furious said...

I'm flat-out terrified to step on the scale.

Heather said...

I think it's totally totally normal to have a bad week given the circumstances. But you can get right back on track! There's a reason why you're seeking out sheet cakes and McD's iced coffees -- SUGAR! It's comforting in times of stress, and the worst thing is the more you have, the more you want. I speak from experience. :)

Suzy said...

2/3 of a sheet cake. Wow. I thought I was the only one. J/K. Although we made homemade choc chip cookies last week and my 5 yo was like, where's all the cookies Mom? There was a whole plate on the stove this morning. I just tried to distract her with ice cream.

It's true. You may have to do a little sugar detox and a little self-hand slapping, but a few days from now you will be feeling back in control.

Robin said...

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get back on the wagon. If the damn thing wouldn't go so fast, it would be easier.

I agree with Heather. The sugar makes you want more. If you can break the cycle, you will be good to go.

Mrs Furious said...

" I'm up Three pounds in TWO weeks!?!"
me too... at least we're in good company :)

Mr F,

I was just trying to clear out the cupboards before the move ;)

Oh it's true true true. I need to start working out so I can get them endorphins!

I never stopped nursing so I'm no help there.

"Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get back on the wagon"

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