Saturday, July 5, 2008

Because No Matter What Else Is Going On...

The Laundry Never Stops.


Julie said...

What's funny is the amount of time you are taking getting the stains out of the clothes when you have tons of other time-sensitive stuff to do. It's like this is a job you can start and finish at one time. You also seem remarkably calm. I would be a flippin' basket lock me up crazy. Then again, what can you do? The move is happening, the work will get done so just going with the flow of it is best.

Still, I probably would have started sobbing when I saw the berry that was the thing that was too tough to handle.

You are eerily calm.

Kid was so funny in the background jumping into view!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm not calm... I'm on the verge of a complete mental breakdown ;)
We got the chandelier down and the curtains down and Mr F got the electronic components taken apart. We went to the dump to get rid of the stove & all the weird excess recycling that I guess Mr F thought was just going to absorb into the ground or something until I started freaking out about how much trash we're going to have and I only have one trash day left before the move! Anyway at the dump I got packing peanuts (score!) and now I've got a good plan for the chandelier and am almost done with it.
The main problem is that the house is (of course) a complete wreck right now with unwashed dishes all over... clothes on the floor in EVERY room... toys and books everywhere... general nightmare and that is almost more taxing on me right now. Once Mr F's gone I think I'll be able to stay more on top of the daily crap. I just need to be sure he does everything he said he would!

Deb said...

Ignore my advice on the chandelier on your last post!! I just watched this and found out you're moving it yourself.

It's all going to go so much faster when Mr. F is out of there. It really will. (No offense, Mr. F, but your kind do not multitask well and you get underfoot a lot.) Until then, digging the berry tip -- thanks! Hang in there.

Daniela said...

How funny is it that we were both removing berry stains yesterday? Emily (who will be 2 next month) decided that while we were raspberry picking, she would smoosh berries in her hand and wipe it on her shirt before scraping it off of said shirt and THEN eating it.

I soaked her white shirt in OxyClean for an hour or so and no more berry stains. I like your method better.

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