Friday, July 4, 2008

The List

That goddamn lucky bastard Mr F is out of here in 2 days (well I guess technically like 36 hours)... which means we are in serious pack mode. While we are having the house packed by movers on the 14th... they won't pack everything (pantry, toiletries,clothes, things I don't trust them with or are just too freaking expensive or sentimental to want to replace) and that shit will be left to... you guessed it... moi. Yep those will be some fun times for me. And if you doubt it remember that I'll be here solo style with 2 crazy kids, an anxious dog, and movers underfoot while trying to get every last little thing out of here and cleaned up BY MY FREAKING SELF! Oh and then after closing on the house BY MY FREAKING SELF... and taking a short respite (not by myself... don't think I'll be getting any breaks people) at the cottage... I'll then be driving those same 2 crazies and that same anxious dog 15 hours to North Carolina BY MY FREAKING SELF. That is why Mr F is now on my shit list. Because no matter how many times I tell him all the shit that will be falling on my shoulders he won't be here and he won't ever be able to fully appreciate the pure Hell I'll be in.

Here are some things that must happen before Mr F leaves:

Take down and pack Chandelier.... part way accomplished

Take down curtains and curtain rods ... part way accomplished

Disassemble and pack Laundry Pure

Clean out junk drawers and closets

Pack up all camera stuff

Pack up all of Mr F's office stuff

Take old fucking stove that the Lowes guy ( read: asshole) never came back for to the dump

Empty out garage of crap we are not moving

Pack up all of Mr F's computer stuff

Pack all of Mr F's clothes & shoes

That's not all... I'm just starting to go numb...


Julie said...

Oh my freaking God, you have so much stuff to do by yourself. Crazy.

Mrs Furious said...

Not fun. I really didn't think about how bad it was going to be for us not to move at the same time. I mean for real?!?! What the fuck was I thinking? I should have had the movers come this weekend and just hold the stuff for a week... just to avoid having to deal with everything myself. I'm a total idiot. Because while Mr F can buckle down under the pressure... he is really only motivated by extreme pressure... which he won't be here for.
Suckity suck.

Laura said...

I just moved Thursday/Friday. I was really stressed before the move, but it turned out fine. Don't worry; you can do it!!!

Tiffany said...

That list even scares me! Good luck! I know that YOU of all people will be able to do it. You're awesome!! Best of luck to you!!

Heather said...

Overwhelming and horrible = yes. But you can do this. Just take one step at a time and breathe a lot and drink a zillion pots of coffee. When it becomes overwhelming, just breathe and take one step at a time.

Go Mrs. F!! (waving pom poms)

Mrs Furious said...

People! I'm VERY stressed right now. There are so many small things that have to get done.

I just remembered that we also have to take down all the heavy artwork and mirrors before he leaves too... and find a kid safe place for them (?!?!).


Thanks for the positive energy though :) I do need it!

Marie said...

Perhaps designate a room as a "breakable/heavy" room for art/mirrors/chandeliers. Then at least you can close the door (and if at all possible lock it).

That is a LOT to do....hang in there and just look forward to it being behind you!!! (of course, then there's unpacking, but lets not think of such things!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

I sooooo hear you. We did our military move across the country, over Christmas time...and you guessed it, I did it ALONE. DBF left with the dog and his car to drive across (while stopping to spend Xmas with his son) and I stayed behind to pack, sort, clean, whatever by myself so I could spend Christmas with my family. Nutty. But you know what, I made it through...and so will you!!!

Good luck girl!!

Make sure Mr. F. buys you a fabulous thank you giftie. I wanted fresh flowers when I got to the new house...instead I got a beautiful new watch! :)

Mrs Furious said...

never thought of the gift idea... hmm.... good thing Mr F trolls my comments ;)

Love the hair by the way!

Amy said...

I assume enlisting the help of your ILs is out of the question!

Deb said...

I always curse my husband and get hysterical on him about 20 times before a move, because 90% of it falls on me, and I figure that's his price to pay.

RE: the chandelier. Ask the movers if they work with professional crating companies. We have a Murano chandelier that has 130 pieces, and the movers have always taken full responsibility for it. They hire a crating company to come in and build a wooden crate for it with built-in padding, the whole nine yards. The even put a special label on the outside that has some kind of magical bubble on it that shows if the people physically moving the boxes have jarred it or turned it the wrong direction. We do that with any expensive art, too. Worth looking into, because I don't think movers insure anything you pack yourself.

Deb said...

Oh, and I think this is the point in the move where I'd probably give away all of my dogs. You are BRAVE to drive with all three of those characters by yourself. You'll be in my thoughts.

Daniela said...

Do the new owners know that you're taking the chandelier? If not, you may have to notify your Realtor of that since, technically, it's a fixture and fixtures tend to "be included unless otherwise stated."

Just trying to save you from a potential headache later.

Mrs Furious said...

No worries... the house was listed w/ the chandelier excluded. No way in hell I was handing that baby over!

kenady said...

Hey Mrs. F- on a totally different note... Kiki texted me that Mr. F may be in my neck of the woods next week. We (meaning me and Kiki) would love to meet up with him if possible. Drop me an e-mail if you have time in between everything you are trying to accomplish... Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, and, good luck with all the sh*t you have going on... I might have already had a breakdown:)

Mrs Furious said...

I'll send you an email tomorrow!
Mr F is heading to Charleston tomorrow and staying there all week. He'd love to meet up with you & Kiki.

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