Friday, December 5, 2008

Compacting Christmas Videos I Made Before I Got Pissed Off With The FDA

Tune into this one for the "blooper" moment:


Andrea said...

woohoo we get some ethnic santas in our box, and I just realized you put us in the cuboard while your taping thats awesome!

Andrea said...

I just thought about the whole ethnic thing I am totally not racist Im hispanic myself not that you can tell from my kids their daddys swedish genes dominated mine go figure :)

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah the cabinets are the only flat spot that worked out at head level.

No worries on the ethnic santas... Kid did want me to write a note that said "the brown ones aren't chocolate... don't eat them". Baby did try.

Marie said...

Ooohh..good idea with the crayon santas! I've melted the leftover broken crayons before to make "fat" swirl crayons (poured colors into bottom of paper cup, swirled with toothpick very gently, peel when cool), but that was just for at home.

Packaging-its a killer. What we do is after christmas, we buy cookie tins/containers, target when they are 75% or 90% off, and then pack them away with our christmas stuff. Then when we pull out the xmas stuff next year, they are there and after a quick wash they are ready to go!

And what did you find for the homemade playdough to go in? I've been really wanting to make some for the kids in the family for christmas (red, white, green) but don't quite know what to store them in thats cute. We keep ours in ziplock baggies at home... And with the cookie cutters..GENIOUS!! My daughters would FLIP for that gift!

The "bloopers" video...that is definitely the BEST line EVER. Kid is hysterical!

And even though this is forever long..I can't believe you brought up Six for the Road! I saw it advertised and set it up to tape (because of course that is dh's dream trip!). I WAS disappointed with the actual show a bit (just watched 2 episodes) was a little too focused on homeschooling whereas I wanted to see what they were doing and seeing, and how great/awful it was traveling crammed together like that. (and come on..a mom, dad, 2 teenage girls, and 2 preteen boys..and NO constant fighting???)

Marie said...

Oh my thats long...

Mrs Furious said...

not too long! I love long!

Anyway I got plastic chinese style take out containers at Michael's for $1. I'm putting the playdough balls (also doing green, red, and white) in there and then tying the cookie cutters to the handle with some kind of ribbon.

Staci said...

Do the Chinese containers seal?

When my boys were in private pre-school I was in charge of making the play dough for the whole class and I used a Rubbermaid storage container. Cylinder style, since I had to make a large amount.

Not sure if the Rubbermaid food storage containers are safe but that's what I used. :P

PS~ Kid is just great! Can you imagine the teenage years?? LOL!

Mrs Furious said...

that the thing...
not completely sealed

I make it for Kid's school too and it stays fresh almost indefinitely in a rubbermaid or ziploc. I might have to line the box with a quart sized ziploc. They were just too cute not to use ;)

Claire said...

Now that I have my laptop I can really laugh out loud when you say things like, "we would be a lot funnier" or the line about hobo's (should there be an "e" there?) or asking "how fresh is that - don't worry it was only water" - perfect end for me of a crazy hectic week at work - I needed a really good laugh! and - just wanted to tell you that your haircut still looks great on you - I was noticing it tonight while watching the video.

Elizabeth said...

That was great!

What did she say when she stole them?

Mrs Furious said...

I say "it's not up to you... how do you like that answer?"
and she picks up the crayon box and walk off with it saying
"well here is your answer"

She's zesty ;)

I'm always happy to make you laugh :)

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