Monday, December 1, 2008

Video Update


SK and Family said...

Are you talking about an ad where people "nominate" others (not themselves) who might need a little help? I think that would be a great way to find someone...

This year, my boys are making cookies for their friends, and we are making some extra bags to take to the library (where many of our homeless spend most of their time).

SK and Family said...

Oops, I was interrupted by fighting brothers, LOL, and didn't finish my comment! :)

I wanted to make "lunchbags" for these people at the library with a sandwich, fruit, etc. and a little money, but just cannot do that this year. (We haven't sold our house yet and are really feeling it!).

I need to pay-it-forward more--just take whatever opportunities that arise, such as someone short on money at check-out, or paying the next person's way...


julie said...

extremist bizzaro LOL!

We tend to have mainly vegetarian meals here...lot of beans and soy products and my boys keep veggie by not eating any of the meat when we do have chicken or something. I'd love to add more fish, but Tom absolutely hates it so I always forget that I can cook it for the other 3 of us in the house and let him eat whatevs.

I probably wouldn't end up even eating dinner if I drank 2 sangrias every night. Then I'd get starving around 11pm and eat a massive bowl of cereal...seriously like 4 servings worth. Not that I've ever done that before;)

Dana said...

My husband had this crazy idea to raise chickens in the backyard, complete with a coop. Of course he was kidding, and we have an ordinance against livestock here, but there's a guy in a neighboring town who does this. He gets his own eggs and chicken out of the deal. That's just too much work.

As for paying-it-forward, I have no advice. We do all our works through church, and then we donate to local organizations, too. I like the letter idea, though.

Marie said... the video. I swear, it sounded like a conversation right out of my head (and yes, I have conversations with myself...doesn't everyone ;-)

We do a few meatless meals here like chili, split pea soup (if i forgot the ham), baked potato soup (if you don't put bacon on top), corn chowder, pasta...but we definitely do eat a meat-heavy diet. Ours is mainly ground turkey and chicken. Maybe in your quest you'll discover some great recipes which you'll just HAVE to share with us!!

And I've had the same wacky idea as Dana's dh..would love it if we lived somewhere where we could have a few chickens..enough for our eggs. And where we could have a garden (close to) year round... ahhh...fresh eggs and veggies...for free...what could be better??

katieo said...

I think an easy way to find people who *really* need help outside of religious organizations are homeless shelters and hospitals.

I am a sucker for anything to do with kids. Sam was hospitalized when he was two for RSV (again) and we were released December 22nd. Just the THOUGHT of spending Christmas in the hospital broke my heart. We received a couple of toys that were donated (new) and we CHERISH them. They remind us of that time and how glad we are every year to have our health. SO for us around the holidays, we're usually thinking of ways we can help out families of kids who are in the NICU, or pediatric intensive care.

Plus, you know anyone with a kid in the hospital needs help, even if it's just a card, or some craft. Just to know someone is thinking about you and knows you are going through a rough time goes a long way.

Ugh. I think I might start crying. Anyway, although people's identities are always kept confidential, we have dropped off many gifts, or sang, or drew pictures. Usually the hospital has someone to deal with people who just want to help and can give you some ideas. Or you can call them with an idea and they can let you know if it would work.

This works for us as it is something I feel *really* strongly about. Whatever path you go- it's so much easier to make the effort when it's something that's close to your heart. (oh that sounded SO cheesy)

katieo said...

I am a stalker commentor today, LOL...

but check this out. AWESOME.

ok, and don't kill me, but here's this too.

katieo said...

One more thing. Isn't the whole reason Loma Linda was a blue Zone was because of all the Seventh Day adventists? Don't they not drink at all?

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, there was more than a few contradictions between blue zones...some drink every day, some never.

Same with meat, though some eat meat, it seems none has a meat-centered

I cant watch the video at work, but if Mrs F is talking about my problems they are centered around the fact that I have an absolutely sedentary lifestyle—since we've moved I haven't touched the treadmill, and have not ridden my bike to work since Kid started school (I drop her off).

That has to change.

I'm going through a panic since we have our life insurance physicals this week, and (I suspect) I'm not going to be in the top category for healthy anymore.

Mrs Furious said...

you're good... I didn't even realize they were both local at first.

And LOL yes to the Adventists but Dr Oz and the blue zone guy both said 2 glasses of alcohol (which seriously I'm such a light weight I couldn't even do) is better than none.
The Adventists are vegan. Since there is no chance of us doing that I can only fall back on the drinking ;)

re: the ad...yes nominate others.
I too really want to find more ways to pay it forward.
Sorry you all haven't sold your house!! :(

Yeah I tend to have similar post alcohol eating habits... that could be a downside.

My mom has chickens... just for eggs. But it is a serious commitment... I'm sure she'll comment ;)

I'm working on a spinach and cheese filled egg crepe as we speak. The crepes are really super thin omelets... I feel like I saw Rachael Ray make them once. Stay tuned.

Staci said...

YAY a video! :)

Yes, you got out just in time. We got socked with 5+ inches last night and the boys had their first snow day today. :)

Love the pay it forward idea!

The library! I never thought of that! Great idea SK! :)

PS~GREAT JOB MR. F! The bedroom looks amazing! :)

Andrea said...

I have to say before I had Caleb I was drinking a glass or twp of wine or a beer every night it does take the edge off the day and always made me "smile just a little more" Chris's words whatever that means.

gooddog said...

mrs. f-

glad you made it safely back to the nc.

very interesting post. must go google blue zones and learn more, although, i think i could work on raising my drinking tolerance to
2/day! ;)

you are such a total social worker at heart. I LOVE IT!

I also love the new room, Mr. F.

Mary Poppins said...

You know I love my fish diet. The reason we don't eat meat is because I cannot support the beef industry (meatpacking plants have notoriously horrible working conditions) or the poultry industry. Something to think about indeed.
I didn't see the Oprah, however and am totally lost on the blue zones thing.

Kiki said...

Okay...first of all I will have to google the blue zone thing, I don't watch Oprah...

Second , is there a concern for mercury and/or is that only in some fish. Dont get me wrong I LOVE fish, we have it quite a bit here because mycousins husband goes deep sea fishing and we get all their extra...yum! But I am always wondering about mercury...I guess I could google it, but isn't it more fun to just worry.

Thirdly, I'll have to post about the wanting to pay it forward thing because what I have to say is personal/emotional, but at my work we support an organization called Help 4 Kids...all the local kids who qualify for free lunches get these weekend backpacks filled with food because otherwise they would have nothing to eat at home.

So if you want to play with us...let me know, otherwise maybe your area has something similar.

As for good for my tummy...

Longest comment ever, sorry!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I love the sound of that charity. I'll have to look and see if we have a local one... God knows we should!

Mercury: yes that is a concern. We mostly eat wild salmon. Other than that bigger fish have more than smaller fish... aka... tuna has more.
I get confused and just typically stick with salmon and tilapia.

google blue zones and you'll get all the info!

Oh I think you'd find the blue zones stuff fascinating!

Staci said...

Kiki~We have a similar program in my sons elementary school called Backpack buddies. They do the same thing. Friday's all the kids who qualify get sent home with backpacks full of goodies for the weekend. :)

I really like this because 6th graders get to pack & deliver the backpacks to the kiddos. My oldest son enjoys "helping out". :)

Kiki said...

Staci, I love that the other kids get to help...I think that teaching that kind of generosity goes a long way.

Even when my family didn't have a lot my mom was still trying to help all comes back to you though I think.

Kiki said...

An addendum to the McDonalds thing and stop reading if you are grossed out easily....over 5 years ago Ken and I were eating McD's and all of a sudden he gets this surprised look on his face and puts his fingers to his mouth...where he pulls out a piece of bone the size of a tooth!

I put down my hamburger and never ate at a McD's again. I hardly eat fast food because...well one gross story could follow another...I just gave up on fast food.

Claire said...

I'm celebrating because now I have a laptop at home I can watch all your videos - I have a lot of catching up to do!!!
Last year a friend worked with a group from Prison Fellowship right here in our county to provide Christmas gifts for children of prisoners - I helped because I liked the fact that it was helping children in our community - Kik helped me pick out clothes that young girls would like - and I hope to help with her store project this year - I think it is a great idea -

lucinda said...

Oh, I love my chickens. Some communities let you have some chickens even if they have livestock restrictions. They are ridiculously low maintenance, not more than hamsters. And fresh eggs are great.
Paying it forward doesn't have to be the best opportunity that you can come up with, just an action. Whenever I think that I want to do something that REALLY helps, I know that I'm on my save the world horse (which is pretty high)and it's hard to actually reach anyone from there. I love the weekend backpack idea. Besides hospitals, schools always know of kids in dire need. Our elementary school buys underwear and socks. I found out last night about a family, pregnant mom, three kids, dad in and out. The church group didn't want to give the kids toys this year because last year the dad took them all and sold them for drug money. And they didn't want to give the kids used toys because they'd feel bad. I think they felt bad when the dad took the new toys away. Those legos that the kids got on Thanksgiving have only been used once...I guess I'm a little upset about that family. Instead of toilet paper the mom uses rags and washes them.

Mrs Furious said...

give those kids some toys.

lucinda said...

Oh,I'm going to, and toilet paper.

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