Monday, December 1, 2008

This Week The Plan

I'm getting down to business...


Monday - Potato Leek Soup, crab cakes, salad

Tuesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, rice & broccoli

Wednesday - potluck ???

Thursday - spinach stuffed egg crepes, tomato soup

Friday - homemade pizza, salad

Saturday - dinner out

Sunday - Shrimp Lo Mein

Kid's Lunches:

Monday - hard boiled egg, gogurt, carrots & ranch, milk, pb &J

Tuesday - hard boiled egg, gogurt, orange, milk, potato soup

Wednesday - smoked salmon, gogurt, apple, milk, spelt pizza (from school)

Thursday - smoked salmon, gogurt, avocado, milk, leftover salmon & rice

Friday - smoked salmon, gogurt, apple, milk, pb & j

Diet & Exercise:
I'm back to food journaling but for this week I'm not counting calories. I just need to get back in the habit of keeping track and making mindful choices.
As for exercise I'm going to do 5 days. I'm not pushing myself crazy hard... just show up and give a good effort.

Errands & Chores:

Monday - groceries, decorate outside of house and begin inside

Tuesday - clean up kitchen & craft area, put away clean clothes

Wednesday - continue decorating, vacuum

Thursday - shop for Compacting Christmas boxes


julie said...

I, too, need to get back on track with a meal plan. I think I will do that tomorrow. Your menu looks great!

Anonymous said...

I totally was off track with excercising since Luke and I were both sick all last week.

Can you email me your potato leek soup and crabcake recipes. Those are two of my favorite things and I would love some new recipes.

Do you have the egg crepe or lo mein recipes up on the site as well. As you can tell I am quite hungry this morning!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Here is the soup. Last night I made it with 4 T butter since I didn't have the whipping cream.

egg crepes: make a crepe out of egg thinned a little bit with water... just like a super thin omelet. Take them out and set aside. Defrost some frozen spinach and squeeze out excess water. Mix with cheese (you can take these in any direction really). Place filling in the middle of crepes and roll. Place them seam side down (like enchiladas) in a greased casserole dish. Dress them how you want... sometimes I put spaghetti sauce (a little) and chesse on top. Then bake until filling is hot.

Lo Mein:
This is almost embarrassing but it is a FAST cook... no actual prep work involved.
I use a bag of frozen Chinese Stir Fry veggies... from Whole Foods... it's a big bag (16 oz).
Make noodles (I use linguine). Stirfry veggies in 1 T oil. Add 1/4 c stirfry sauce and an equal amount of water and cook with lid on pan. Add 1/2 t garlic powder and 1/4-1/2 t ground ginger. Add 1 T soy sauce. Continue cooking until veggies are cooked.
If using shrimp add them at the end and cook for only 2-3 minutes more. Toss in noodles. I find having tongs is really important for getting everything to mix through. It is not oily and while lightly dressed should be flavorful... test it out before you serve and adjust soy sauce as needed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Will try these out. The lo mein recipe is what I do as well but normally with soba or udon noodles. Nothing wrong with a quick easy recipe!

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