Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Goddamn It

I just got a mother fucking $130 ticket.

Jesus Christ.

I wasn't speeding.

My plates are freaking valid.

I have a perfect driving record.

I cut through the damn bank parking lot.

Because the road was blocked and I had to get to Kid's preschool.


And it would have been 3 fucking points on my license (can you believe that?! 3 points!)

Thankfully the officer was "being nice" and knocked the points off.

Yeah thanks.


P.O.M. said...

Ok, I am having issues commenting.

Sorry if this is a dup.

Officer Patten did not know who he was dealing with. To steal your words, he is dead to me.

Julie said...

What a jerk. He really should have just given you a warning. Who knew you could get a whopper of a ticket let alone a ticket for cutting through a parking lot. That is just lame.

He is totally dead to me, too.

Like you needed this, too, right now.

Deb said...

LOL at P.O.M. He's dead to me, too, right along with Officer Walton who wrote me up for my first ticket in 20 years for something very similar. A-holes.

Torey said...

Oooo. . .I saw people doing that the other day and I thought "I bet the bank is going to flip!"

Sorry. . .That totally sucks. I don't know officer Patten, but He's dead to me too!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes Torey... the bank right next to the road block at S. Main & Eisenhower. Heads up. Also I saw cops ALL over the place today... they must be meeting some monthly quotas or something.

Get this...
So I should clarify that Officer is Patten is a woman...
also she just stopped over here (at my house) which was really disturbing at first, to return my license which she neglected to give back to me.
I had a strange hope she was coming to apologize or negate my ticket because she realized how freaking awesome I am... nope.
I still hate her and from now on she's dead to me too.

Also I will say I actually tried very hard to avoid the bank and did try and cut through a neighborhood... but hit a dead end. Seriously the "detour" wasn't clearly marked as She claimed... which might explain the 40 fucking cars I saw cut through the bank while I was pulled over!!!

If it didn't take all day I'd almost consider contesting it.

And 3 points! I thought you got 3 points for killing someone! WTF? I guess I am thankful she knocked that down....

angie said...

Does Officer Patton have blonde hair and is relatively young (and pretty)? If so she gave me a ticket a week and a half ago (so is double dead to me). I definitely don't have a perfect driving record :-)

But for Ann Arborites who use first steps....they are basically positioning a cop in the first steps parking lot to catch speeders. So please be careful.

Nutmeg said...

Women cops are the worst with tickets and I doubt EVER give warnings to women.

Argh, I'm so angry for you!!!!

I remember getting a three point ticket and looked up the point system in our state.

Driving the WRONG WAY down the INTERSTATE is only 4 points.


Julie said...

I had a strange hope she was coming to apologize or negate my ticket because she realized how freaking awesome I am.


Mrs Furious said...

no not pretty or blonde. much more butch.
I think your officer is the one who was at the scene of our "DQ" accident. She'll be dead to me on your behalf... but she did lend me her cell phone that day.

Thanks for the 1st steps heads up. That back end of Boardwalk just kind of calls for speeding...

Robin said...

That SUCKS!! I hate getting a ticket, and I had no idea one for cutting through the parking lot would be so much. It really seems like that should be a warning if the road was closed!

Ummm, what the hell are points? We don't have that here.

Robin said...

Whatever points are, cutting through a parking lot being 3 and driving the wrong way down the intersection being 4 is craziness.

angie said...

Mrs F, you don't have to have my cop be dead to you. To be honest, she was really, really nice. I was going 41 in a 25, near a "school" and the school had just called to complain. And she knocked it down to only 5 over. So based on that and your story, maybe she shouldn't be dead to us.

Torey said...

Hmm. . .I'll have to remember the first steps thing. Also, I'll try out the detour and call and complain if it's not clearly marked. There have been tons of cops on 94 near Zeeb. . .ugh!

So what was the DQ accident? I have DQ "accidents" all the time. Like I "accidently" ate a whole Blizzard on Saturday!

Mrs Furious said...

2 summers ago we were hit by someone pulling out of the Packard DQ. They took a left right into oncoming traffic (me). It was actually a pretty bad accident and both cars were towed away.
I'm always nervous when I go by now... because so many people are eating and driving and it is just an obvious accident-prone spot.

Mrs Furious said...

"points" go on your record and affect your insurance rate among other things. I'm not kidding I think you can actually hit someone for less than 3 points!

Torey said...

Eeek. . .Sorry to hear about your DQ experience! Sounds scary. I've had a really bad car accident and it was horrid. Driving past the spot is always terrifying. Seriously, who makes a left out of that parking lot?!?! FREAKS!

How bizarre about the points though. . .

emmyjw said...

I got a ticket for supposedly rolling thru a stop which I didn't, I am contesting it. It happened back in March but my court thingy is May 27. I am still so mad about it I could spit.

Mrs Furious said...

I feel for you... I'm mad and I guess I actually did do something wrong.
Hmm... your court date is not encouraging me... we might not be around late enough for it to do me any good.

Haley said...

Ugh, that sucks!

Nutmeg said...

I have gotten speeding tickets before but the last one (a couple of years ago) made me so ANGRY because I know based on the laws of physics that I couldn't have been speeding based on where the officer said she had clocked me.

I fought the ticket, but messed up in court. The judge knocked it down to 10 miles over rather than the 20 it was going to be. I wanted to get to explain how it would have been impossible for me to accelerate from a dead stop to 42 mph in 40 feet, while BEHIND someone else and accounting for all the people who were turning into the street in front of me.

I still get all steamed thinking about it.


Mrs Furious said...

Oh that is hilarious/frustrating... I wish you had been able to make your physics argument!

Jennifer said...

Oh crap. I hate that feeling you get when you see those lights in your rear view mirror. UGH!

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