Friday, May 9, 2008

Randomness Of The Day

As an added bonus shortly after shooting this video I opened up our mail. On top of this week's totally bogus $130 ticket we also just received an equally bogus "Notice of Proposed Penalty and Interest for Underpaid Estimates" from our great state. WTF? We never pay our estimated taxes and we have never been charged a crazy ass 25% penalty on our unpaid estimates. I'm in total shock. Hello! We paid our freaking taxes in full. On top of that I just got Kid's new glasses today of all days. Cha-ching.


Jennifer said...

Ok, I have to ask you a question! You mentioned that your inlaws read your blog. I am assuming they are the same inlaws that are coming to visit? EEEEK, do they get mad or whatever?

My cough*husband*cough got a ticket for talking on his cell phone and it cost $150! Glasses are a killer.

I have had that dream many times. I have been told that it means that you feel trapped. You feel like you can't get out of a situation. I have a dream all the time that I am in high school and I can't remember my schedule and I never know what class I'm supposed to go to. Always always always have that dream. Or another version of it is that I am in high school and I can't remember my locker combination. I have been told that means that I am confused or struggling with an issue and don't know the answer to a problem.

Interesting anyway.

The whole park thing sounds pretty neat. I don't live in a community like that so I am very jealous! What a great way to be social, but not have to be social for a long period of time! lol.

shelley said...

The bummer thing about being self-employed is they want you to pay your estimates, not wait until April 15 to pay - they want the taxes pro-rata throughout the year, whether it is based on prior year taxes or your current year earnings. SORRY - taxes suck! You may be able to get it reduced if you fill out a form to calculate the penalties based on actual - especially if you had more income later in the year rather than earlier. FUN HUH?

This is why I am the life of the are a hoot.

I guess the world didn't think you had enough on your plate already...hang in there.

Mrs Furious said...

well my SILs do read. And yes it kind of makes them mad. But we've discussed it and I said that too many people read it and if I start editing for everyone there will be nothing of interest left.
My one SIL called and said that my MIL reads it sometimes. I'm not sure what that means... I labeled their IP address when I was there and I've never seen it in my stats... so...
It is kind of why I've been discussing it in videos more than the posts though.

Oh we're calling our accountant ASAP... the thing is that we have never filed them and we've never been hit with a penalty. I mean 25%... that is just crazy. It is true that we don't get paid the same year round... but we did file a 2210 (I don't know if that is just a MI thing or not) and it didn't do much to reduce our penalty & interest. Bastards.
Now I'm paranoid because we couldn't afford to pay our taxes and the estimated for 4/15 at the same time I don't need yet another penalty!

Jennifer said...

OH! OMG, I was freaking out for you! lol. If my mother-in-law ever found my blog I think she would keel over from the way I talk about her son! Even if it is deserved.

Good luck with the taxes. Yikes.

Robin said...

Sorry about your taxes. Taxes suck.

That Kid is so funny. :)

My ears hurt if I run outside and it is windy. Even if it isn't that cold. Of course, I am a hot house flower. This morning it was about 68 degrees, and I was chilly in my shorts and tank top. At least until I got going.

Haley said...

I have big romantic dreams of running outside when it's gorgeous and sunny and breezy, but in reality, I'm a gym rat at heart -- give me ugly maroon carpet and smelly machines and 27 tiny television screens.

Actually, now that I have the elliptical in my bedroom, I don't even get the joy of the ugly maroon carpet.

And yes, I think it really is harder to breathe outside. I have no idea why either.

Mrs Furious said...

They're here.....

Haley said...

Heh...I read that and suddenly heard the music from Jaws in my head...

Deb said...

Oooh... I'm hoping all those rehearsal conversations have prepared you for the days ahead. Good luck!

I want to give you and Haley a bit of good news: you're not out of shape, and it's not harder to breathe outside. It IS harder to run on pavement, dirt or even grass than a treadmill, though. That's because a treadmill "pulls" and provides a runner with momentum. Crank your elevation up a couple notches, and you'll simulate the workload of running outdoors. (Ex-marathoner/triathlete here, who could never understand why running outside was SO HARD until it was explained to me by a running coach.)

Question for you, Mrs. F... is that a Murano chandelier I spy in the background of that video? It's beautiful.

Deb said...

Oh, and the IRS? A dirty, dirty word in our house this year. I can't even talk about the check I wrote on April 15th without hyperventilating. I've always hated them, but now I hate them on your behalf, too.

Mrs Furious said...

It is indeed. Hand blown for yours truly and brought over by boat. Impressed? Yes... you should be.

Mr F just had the freaking audacity to say... "if someone would be willing to pay for it we could leave it in the house and order another."

Um... NO FUCKING WAY! I went to Murano and picked out exactly what I wanted... another one would not be the same asshole!!!

Mrs Furious said...

I'm just throwing it out there that they haven't commented on my weight loss or my haircut.

Deb said...

They can't possibly have not noticed.
They're just being passive-aggressive.

I KNEW IT!!! It's gorgeous. I love your colors. We have a lovely Murano fixture in storage, and it holds the same attachment for us. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in our current home (size nor style), which tells me this is not our forever home, because we are never parting with that chandelier.

Mrs Furious said...

You can always hang it over your bed... or a guest bed.
I got mine because it looked like the one over my bed in the hotel I was staying at in Venice.

Also... same exact colors & style as Martha's in her house in the Hamptons. That woman is constantly ripping me off!

Mr Furious said...


All I was thinking was if you could get the exact same one shipped from Italy, it would be all crated up and ready. This one went from Murano, across the ocean to Carroll Gardens, then to Park Slope, then to storage, and then to Michigan and was in perfect condition when we unpacked it years later.

OTherwise I have to take that thing down, take it apart, and then put it together again in the new house.

Without any instructions. (Not that the hand-drawn Italian instructions were all that helpful the first time...)

OR, we have to pay $$$ to have someone else do it. Plus pack it, and move it.

God, I'm such an asshole.

Mr Furious said...

It's not the IRS, it's Michigan. The state has a much more punitive penalty structure.

Or so it seems.

Kiki said...

Kids part in the video was just precious...what is it with kids, my niece and nephew always want to see themselves on the camera??? So cute!!!

Taxes...not so cute.

That chandelier...I love!

palma said...

the taxes suck...

and kid is adorable!

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