Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love Us Or Leave Us


Andrea said...

I love my inlaws of course they live 600 miles away so I dont see them often, my mother on the other hand I purposly moved three hours from her because of the strain she puts on me. I actually hardly see her because I dont want to deal with the negativity and crap.
I hope the visit is quick and painless and it sound like you haev the right idea with the whole guest house thing you shouldnt have to go out of your way for anybody much less family.

Robin said...

Great idea with the guest house. I hope its not too bad.

When my friends come over, I always tell them, "you know I love you because I am letting you see my house like this." :)

Gigs said...

I reached the same state with my inlaws, and the good news is, I really don't think they cared at all. However, I have one sister in law I would still clean for, and and that is purely because I totally know she judges me (and everyone else - I try not to take it personally). I still have to prove I'm a decent wife/mother/person (you know, because my house is picked up - always such an incredibly accurate indication of decency!). Blech. I think you're doing the right thing. Who needs the stress? Hey, maybe if you're lucky, you'll score a glass squirrel from it all :)

Julie said...

Good luck with the whole weekend. Also, I hope you and Mr F hear about the job before the weekend. I'm sending good karma your way.

Marie said...

Great idea on the house!! At least you can "relax" for a bit at night while they are gone without feeling the pressure of other people there ALL THE TIME.

As for your house, it looks PERFECTLY FINE. Don't stress over it at all. Most days I'm happy if my house looks anywhere near that good!

Mrs Furious said...

Oooh... calling it a "guest house" makes it sound like a much more gracious offering than "weird run down rental unit around the block" ;)

Did I mention that Mother's Day is this weekend (as I'm sure you are all aware) and that they don't like to go out for brunch... which means I'll most likely be cooking on my holiday!

Robin said...

which means I'll most likely be cooking on my holiday!

Oh, hell no! Mr. F needs to tell them if they don't want to go to brunch, they can hang out at the guest house till y'all get back. :)

Mrs Furious said...

I'll have to have Mr F read your comment!

Deb said...

They definitely need to rethink the brunch thing or enjoy their Pop Tarts at the guest house. Brunch is who YOU are (and me, too) on Mother's Day, so continue on the path you're on -- I like it!

BTW, The Ambassador drops everything when one of your videos start, and when it ends, he insists, "More! More!" I told you the boy likes his women older.

Heather said...

Seriously, that is NOT COOL for you to be saddled with brunch making duties on Mother's Day. It should be about what you want to do. They're coming to see YOU and Mr. F, so they can either tag along or hang at the Guest House.

shelley said...

Off subject:

I need patching advice...we went for Delaney's follow up today, and her eyes have actually improved two lines. So we are getting a new prescription and when those come in we are suppose to patch 2 hours a day. I don't know why if they are improving, but I guess they know what they are doing.

Mrs Furious said...

#1 you must get one of these.
Hands down the best. The sticky patches are kind of hideous and Kid hated them. Trying to make her wear one was difficult. This fleece patch is completely above board... it blocks all vision... while being soft and comfortable. You only need one, even if you are alternate patching, since it is reversible. And your daughter can choose the color she likes.
You'll get it in a couple days they ship out really fast. And I think it is cheaper than a box of the sticky patches anyway.

Now did they say Strabismus or Amblyopia to you?
Patching is usually used to correct a turning in or out (or drifting) of an eye (strabismus) and/or prevent amblyopia (the loss of vision in one eye).

We've been through it all. So feel free to email me with questions.
mrsfurious at hotmail dot com

Kiki said...

So the guest house is a great idea, I love my in laws...luckily because I have four of them to love, but if I didn't have a spare room, I'd give them the number to the local Hamton Inn where they serve a very nice breakfast buffet, which they can attend on Sunday morning whilst you are at your brunch!!!

Also, please try to let yourself up, a little, you are so hard on yourself and I think you are doing all of the important things just right!! You are an extremely supportive wife, a kick ass mom with adorable kids who are clearly crazy about you and from what I've seen and awesome friend and a wise woman, I'm just trying to hold the mirror up to you and show you what we all see.

I'm thinking of you guys, wishing a quick and painless visit that hopefully includes a funny story or two and that something comes up about the Asheville deal!!! Take care of yourself!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you :)
I really appreciate it. And I really needed that right now.

I was just walking downstairs saying to myself "it is perfectly okay to have them stay at the little house..."

I try to tell myself that they have to see that I am a good mother to their grandchildren... and maybe they do. But they just don't "like" me. It's hard.

Kiki said...

Mrs. F., I am thinking of you and wishing lots of strength for you, know that we all are, I hate that anyone doesn't appreciate the wonder that you are...what you have to offer....keep giving yourself pep talks and keep your eye on the finish line!!!

Deb said...

It is perfectly okay, and I'm not just saying that, because I make my MIL stay at a hotel when she comes. (We pay for it!) I don't need the stress, and I think you've made that decision, too. That just continues to demonstrate what a great mom you are -- why subject your kids to that angst?

Mrs Furious said...

thank you

"why subject your kids to that angst?"
good point.

Julie said...

Ugh, I just realized it is Mother's Day on Sunday. That really sucks for you. I am so sorry that you won't get to be total queen for the day in a stress free atmosphere:(

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