Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Not The First Day That's Hard...

It's the second.


carrie said...

Baby walking around asking for Sissy...oh my. That just makes me feel sad. :(

Haley said...

Ah, Two Boots -- hello college memories!

Julie said...

What a double whammy for you today...I always feel like that after I see my brother who lives out of state for a short visit. Also, I nearly cried when I saw Baby walk in saying "Sissy".

Heather said...

Awwww. I hope the day goes fast for you and Baby. Scary about the hives! And understandable about seeing someone familiar. I felt like a fish out of water for 9 mos after I moved to SF and finally one day I just felt the unfamiliarity and awkwardness lift. It was great.

Hey was it this mug:

Staci said...

Awww...Baby is just too cute! :)

I remember those days. Except my littlest used to ask for "Jorgee, Jorgee?" (Joey). Broke my heart too.

To take both our minds off the separation I spent the whole first month playing toys and reading books all day with him. :P It helped ease us both into losing our buddy for the day.

It will get better. I promise. :)

Also, on the mug. I looked at that link (Thanks HEATHER!), if that is the one, what do you think of using it in a luch pail for boys who are 11 & 9 yrs old?
I don't want to have to buy bottled drinks for their lunches but the little milk containers provided at school aren't enough for them.
Thanks for the help. :)

Mrs Furious said...

Heather & Staci,
Yes that is the mug! Good detective work.
I swear they were cheaper last year.

Staci have you checked out the Funtainers or Foogo line by Thermos? They're a little cheaper and essentially the exact same thing. They also have grown up lines that are less "kid" oriented. check it out here... not to push one over the other but they might be more kid friendly and you can get them w/o paying shipping at Target or the similar ;)

Mrs Furious said...

where did you go to school?

I took her out to lunch where she got a big chocolate chip cookie... so... she's not so sad anymore ;)

Today is much harder...but I think it was just everything combined... too many goodbyes all at once.

And the hives?! What the heck? She didn't have anything "different" and I have no idea what caused it... they were pretty freaking severe. I'm actually wondering if I should take to an allergist to get tested since her next reaction could very well be worse.

Robin said...

Baby is so cute. I wonder if Kara is going to have the same reaction when Kent goes to school next week.

Those Thermos funtainer bottles are so cute!! Did you see them at Target?

Haley said...

I'm a columbia gal, but we managed to occasionally scale the walls and wander down south. :)

Staci said...

Thanks Mrs. F!
The FUNtainers and Foogo's were just vetoed. :P

They like the basic compact container. 16oz. They say 12oz isn't enough. :P

Thank you! I'll be looking for them this weekend!


Kiki said...

Haley, Columbia {{sigh}} I wanted to go there so much...I might be a little jealous!!!

I get hives all the time, but usually its from fabrics or detergent. There are jeans at work that must have some weird dye in them because when I try to fold them...hives, up and down my arms...its icky!!! I am glad to hear that baby made a quick recovery...nothing scarier than not knowing what made it happen!!!

Today you had what we call, in my family, "Last Day-itis", we (the sisters) are MISERABLE when we have to say goodbye...I get it and wish there were words that could comfort you, everything sounds hollow though, because I know how you feel....I am keeping you in my thoughts...take care of yourself!!

Komal said...

I just happened to look at your blog today and was in tears....I felt the same way when my sister visited the first time (and actually everytime since) when i moved out here. I get sad right after picking her up from the airport because I think about dropping her off:( It does get easier. And, I have to say I try and space out the goodbyes...For my sake but more so for my husband:)
I totally understand longing for familiarity and all the good stuff that goes along with the normal routine.

And Two Boots is one of my favorites in the city but I still get the urge for Cottage Inn.

Anonymous said...

Two Boots in Park Slope...I swear we must have passed each other walking aroung NYC. I go from visit to visit as if this isn't my real life waiting for the next time that I will see family. I am dreading Tuesday when both kids are gone all day and my life will be a shell of what it once was. Hang in there...

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