Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hop to all you "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" fans. This shit is for real.

Dear Aunt Jodi,
You rock.
Mrs F

Anyone who wants to stay up all night researching this further (not that I did that by the way...) might find this and this interesting.


Supermom said...

I never liked that show but my MIL loves it!

Thank you for telling Bethany about me yesterday. I hope I am able to help her.

I am hitting they hay. Night.

Smoochiefrog said...

I hate that show, mainly b/c Kate just bugs the Hell out of me.

All this does is solidifies my opinion.

Dinah Soar said...

I think Aunt Jodie's sister is just adding fuel to the fire, fanning the flames...

I observed Aunt Jodie in several episodes and she seemed like a great person, very calm and handled the kids quite well.

Yes, Kate is high strung, uptight, testy, bossy...but that is her personality...those traits don't necessarily make her a bad person...or a bad mother.

I doubt seriously her children are being abused--the producers of the show have a legal obligation to report abuse, and as much as they are around if there was any going on they'd observe it.

I think Aunt Jodie's sister loves Aunt Jodie and it is natural she'd want to defend what is perceived as a slight and/or attack..

But it does appear that while Aunt Jodie loves the children and has their best interest at heart she is interested in the money too...

Who can really fault Jon and Kate for trying to make money---it's not like they are prostituting their kids...the cost must be exorbitant rearing 8 children, and the time span, instead of one child every nine months, bam...6 in nine months...

Yes--they chose to take fertility drugs...they wanted another child..who can fault them for that? not me..

And they don't believe in abortion so they decided to carry all the babies to term...who can fault them for that? If you do it's just your opinion to which you are entitled, but so are they.

And someone has to be the authority on what will and won't be done on the show and it appears it is Kate..which makes sense..she has a more forceful personality than's a case of her being perceived as a bitch IMO.

I believe there is fault on both sides--no one is perfect..

Everyone has their own style of parenting...Jon is laid back, Kate is not...but that doesn't make her a bad mother. Aunt Jodie is laid back like Jon--it takes all kinds of people to make the world go each his own.

As for the speaking engagements---who can fault them for taking those engagements..they have achieved a sort of celebrity what?

I would have left these comments on Aunt Jodie's' sisters blog but I noted there was no place to do so...

Since you pointed me there, I'm leaving them here...

I leave you with this:

If you've done something wrong, there is no defense...and if you haven't there is nothing to defend. Bottom line? The truth will come out. I've lived long enough to know--if you give people enough rope they will hang themselves.

But I caution everyone--it's all too easy to get embroiled in the controversy and caught up in the emotion and a lot of additional damage can be created far and beyond the original problem, hurting many, many people in the process.

One thing I admire about Kate is her tenacity...if I were seriously sick I'd want her as my nurse because she'd fight with the doctor come hell or high water..

Heather said...


Dude. I just finished reading the posts.

I knew something was fishy about that show; there was something I couldn't put my finger on.

That and whenever I think of J&K+8 I can never get John Ashcroft singing that damn song about the eagle. I don't even know the words, but I can't seem to erase the image of him singing it. It's burned into my brain.

But I digress.

Dinah Soar -- I disagree. I think it's important to hear the other side of the story and I did think Kate's comments on the gum episode were demeaning at best. Like Jodi was an idiot or something...

Haley said...

Oh. my. God.

That little video from Aunt Jodi certainly does convince me of the validity of her sister's claims.

Nobody fucks with Aunt Jodi, damnit!

hicktowndiva said...

Well, if you watch those episodes--the gum, really is apparent that Kate uses Jodi for free childcare. And she does act like Jodi is kind of an idiot--which is very disrespectful, considering she's not, and HELLO, free childcare!

Mrs Furious said...

When I first hear about the blog I thought it was going to be fake... but the video disproved that.

I also just do appreciate that her sister wants to defend and support her sister in a public forum since she is also misrepresented in a public forum.

As for compensation... Aunt Jodi deserves it. She didn't ask for it and was providing the childcare for free. But when told it was actual policy to pay "regulars" and then to find out that Kate refused to pay is odd and fishy. And while I don't know what is/isn't true I do know she's been off the show and that they have a nanny now.
Aunt Jodi was watching the children for free while J&K did one on one days, or special episodes, or were off somewhere for the show or for speaking engagements... they were getting paid... she should have been too.

katieo said...


I had no idea...

Mrs Furious said...

It's making me want to boycott the show... but like watching a train wreck I can't look away!

Mr F is infuriated and thinks I have a journalistic responsibility to blow the story out of the water... um... I kind of think that's already been done Honey ;)

Nutmeg said...


Awesome, thanks!

Mr Furious said...

I knew I never liked Kate, right from the start. It's why I could never watch the show. Seeing her humiliate John in the store when they were Chrsitmas shopping was all it took.

I'm feeling way more vindicated than I am infuriated.

But I really need Kate to get her comeuppance. And, Jon, you're hair is an abomination. And that's coming from a bald guy. You guys suck.

Mr Furious said...

Alright. I AM furious. It's an outrage. When they move to N.C. we should just follow them around and heckle them.

Supermom said...

And tell everyone in NC never to babysit for them!!

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F
"And that's coming from a bald guy"

Well you know Mr F certainly won't ;)

Heather said...

i am absolutely intrigued by the other links -- I found the one last night, but the FAQ is interesting (albeit slightly more inflammatory than Jodi's sister's blog).

Wow. I don't think I can watch this show anymore.

Mrs Furious said...

that's what I'm saying

Yeah I read all of the FAQs and some other blogs, articles, etc and I can't in good conscious continue to support them. Sure there is stuff that can't be verified but enough of it can and it just paints a really bad picture.

Julie said...

Wow, I just read through all the links about J&K. Crazy stuff. I wonder what happened with Kate's friend Beth.

Now I want to watch the show just so I can analyze it as I watch it;)

Mrs Furious said...

That stuff can really suck you in?!... no?!!
I hate to admit how much time I actually spent reading it all!

Okay I was left wanting to boycott/more sucked in then ever. So I watched it last night and I have to say it was even more fascinating knowing all the background stuff. Plus I can say that they are definitely doing damage control and purposefully addressing some of the stuff. Have you seen their new website that came out yesterday? Read their Q&A.

(not that I'm obsessed or anything)

Robin said...

I am dying here. I didn't have access to my computer this weekend (thanks hubby!) I got on long enough to check your blog and saw a little of this, but didn't have time to read. I have too much to do today to get sucked in, and I am dying to know what's going on.

I quit watching sometime during the first season (althoug I have seen the random episode.) I really enjoyed their specials (that they had before the series came about,) but I didn't like the show 'cuz Kate was such a bitch to Jon. Not that we all arent' bitches to our husbands occassionally, but she just goes overboard. I feel vindicated! :) I will probably come back and comment more after I have a chance to read the links.

Robin said...

I'm back. Wow! That is some crazy stuff, and just confirms what I suspected. I stopped watching a while back when it started being more about what fun trip/adventure can we take and less about real life.

I sure hope those kids come out on the other side without getting hurt.

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