Friday, August 29, 2008

Sugar Daddy

"Do you want me to get you a treat?" Mr F asks after getting Kid to bed

"What kind of treat?" Mrs F inquires

"Something from the gas station... like a can have anything you want." Mr F clarifies

Mrs F laughs then replies "Anything I want?!!! Hey big spender!"

"Happy Anniversary" Mr F manages to get out with a laugh.


Julie said...

Wicked funny! :)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh my god how funny was that!?! I almost spit out my drink with the "you can have anything you want" line.... are you sure you can spare it Mr F? ;)

I'm waiting for him to call me from the gas station with the Hostess line up... please let there be Hostess here!!

Staci said...

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs F!! :)

Enjoy that Twix! LOL! ;)

Staci said...

PS~My hubby just came home from the gas station with Mega Millions lotto tickets and a box of Hot Tamales for me. :P

Ahhhhh....12 years later and he still knows what I like. ;)

Julie said...

Mrs F and Staci, you two are cracking me up!!:)


Oh my husband just ran to the gas station tonight cause he ran out of gas for the lawn mower and asked me if I wanted anything....caue I usu. want choc. and a coke.....that is my weakness.

I said no and he still got it for me. I told him to yell at me from this day forward if I drank a coke.

anyways...there I go off on a random tangent...HAppy Anniversary Friend

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

preppymama said...

Happy Anniversary! I was laughing because that is totally us!!

smellyshelley said...

That is sooo hilarious! New meaning to the term "Sugar" Daddy.

Gigs said...

Was away on vacation and am now all caught up on your blog... sorry for the continued in-law stress; and I know how you feel about Kid going to school. I was so sad and missing my oldest. Then we went through it again the first time he went to sleep away camp. I would drive home from work and just sit in the car and cry. And to not be able to kiss him goodnight - don't get me started! It's so hard to let go. Is she enjoying it though?

My husband knows to bring me a Dr. Pepper and some Good & Plenty when he hits the gas station store... That's a man who knows how to treat me right!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes... should turn out to be the most low key celebration of all time ;)

Dr Pepper & Good N'Plenty is one of the all time greatest flavor combinations! Sugar at it's finest ;)

As for school she really like the 1st 2 days... yesterday she came home and was already tantruming before we were out of the parking lot. I think it was just the final let down of all her anxiety/lack of sleep.

"Ahhhhh....12 years later and he still knows what I like. ;)"
It's the simple things that keep marriages together ;)

Sunshine Mom,
I have tried to give up soda. Sometimes I can be off of it for a few months but then I'll always fall off the wagon. I can't have it in the house or I'll drink 3 cans a day (at least). I LOVE it. Cherry Coke & Dr P are my weakness. Mr F came home with two bottles of CC. I drank 1.5 of them.

Heather said...

There IS something really romantic about a Twix bar. Maybe you guys could really do it up and have the ice cream twix bar.

And Happy Anniversary! Just commmented back to you on Team Hansen.

Kid Art said...

Hilarious... Happy Anniversary!!

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