Sunday, August 24, 2008

At The Biltmore


Sandcastle Momma said...

We visited the Biltmore years ago. The grounds are spectacular!

That picture of kid is beautiful! She looks like a princess with the flowers in the foreground. Great photo!

Rebecca said...

Very Beautiful pictures. I hope you enjoyed your visit, and yes, all the stairs makes up for the "strength snack". It's just as beautiful at Christmas when all decked out in the finest garland. Put it in your plans to go again. The kids will love it. Plus, you'll get more great pics. BTW - Do you scrapbook?

hicktowndiva said...

Oh, fun! What did you guys think? We like to go in's so pretty. I love the history of the house.

Mrs Furious said...

Sandcastle Momma,
Oh thanks... Mr F took the photos. :)

We bought annual passes so we can go back for the Christmas decorations!

No sadly I don't scrapbook... I wish I did... but I don't do much more than upload my pictures on the computer these days.

We had a great time. Kid was a super trooper and walked the whole house tour and never complained... she was rewarded with a china doll so she was motivated ;)
I'm excited to see it in the fall. We got the biking pass so (in theory) we'll be there a lot.

kelly said...

Such great pictures...but that one of your youngest is absolutely angelic. Seriously.

Haley said...

Wowsers -- gorgeous pictures! I especially love the one of Kid and the purple flowers. Just beautiful!

Robin said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

hicktowndiva said...

That's awesome that you guys got the season passes---the grounds are so pretty in the fall. I really think that you will love spending time there.

I am jealous, we won't be making it out this fall...

emmyjw said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing place! We still haven't sold our house, it is really wearing on me cleaning so much especially now that we are starting school again. We have had lots of showings nut so far either people can't get financing or have a house to sell. We found an amazing log home that I really want, hopefully it will still be on the market when we finally sell. I am feeling very anxiuos about doing all of this once we are in full schooling mode and Ella's Asthma has been awful all summer which is really wierd, it is usually good during the summer. Anyways, we are still hoping it sells before snow flies, but if not we may take a break and relist in the spring just to get a breather. Every time we have a showing I get 20-30 minutes notice to prepare and vacate.

emmyjw said...

I dont know hat I did with your email, I am a litttle slow catching up on comments and replies... We at least had fun this weekend, went to a Civil war re enactment and Rainee made day dresses and ball gowns for herself and a few friends, she even made a corset this year. Back to reality today, I have to wash windows and mirrors AGAIN...Ella likes to rub her face on them and lick them, it is a neverending job.

Mrs Furious said...

looks can be deceiving ;)

Oh I hope your house sells soon! It is exhausting trying to keep everything show ready all the time. I hope that log home is still there when you're ready for it.
I'm sorry to hear about Ella :(
And impressed with Rainee's sewing skills (and jealous).

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