Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Week The Plan

Better late then never.

Last week I ended up doing pretty well. I worked out and by the end of the week had gotten my stamina back up to doing 60 minutes. This week is going to be a bit more challenging with Kid starting school and Mr F attending photo shoots into the evening.


Monday - School orientation Mr F took the kids out

Tuesday - Cornflake crusted Tilapia, steamed broccoli

Wednesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, sesame ginger rice (it's a mix), asparagus

Thursday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Friday - pizza night

Saturday - Cookout w/ friends from Ann Arbor... yay!

Sunday - hamburgers & salad

Diet & Exercise:

I'm going to do 3 - 60 minute cardio workouts. I wish I could do more but with our schedule that won't happen and I'd be setting myself up for failure. Still calorie counting and shooting for 1700 calories.

Errands & Chores:

Tuesday - cleaned grown up bathroom, washed kitchen floors, cleaned stove, vacuum area rugs, oh and I grocery shopped too

Wednesday - Kid's 1st day of school.... weep... just kidding... clean off desk (it must happen)while Kid's gone and Baby sleeps (hopefully) I'm going to clean their room.

Thrusday - while Kid's gone and Baby sleeps (hopefully) I'm going to clean their room, unpack baking boxes

Friday - unpack 2 boxes

Kid's Lunches:

Wednesday - california roll (her fave & an easy 1st day since they're pre-made), hard boiled egg, grapes, milk

Thursday - veggie sandwich (avocado & tomato), smoked salmon, cheddar bunnies, grapes, milk

Friday - pb&j on organic white bread (that's right I'm thumbing my nose at the "man"), cheddar bunnies, grapes (only fruit she's consented too), milk


dat31 said...

good job on the exercise.

who from AA is visiting?? how fun! wish we were! though we are spending the weekend on lake michigan, so ican't complain.

Mrs Furious said...

Torey from Baby's 1st steps class... she comments on here sometimes.

Kid Art said...

I'm impressed you got back up to 60 mins. so fast.

Now, I am the one who needs an intervention, not Mr. F. : ) Are you still doing the food diary blog? If so, would you consider letting me join? I have got to do something. I will not have another summer where I hate hate hate what I look like in a bathing suit. I think it would really help with the food diary if I felt accountable to someone besides me? Sad, but true. My email is medesj at cox dot net. Thanks Mrs F.

emmyjw said...

Will you pack my lunches too? I love tomato/avocado sandwiches and cheddar bunnies ;) I need to make the salmon again, soooo yummy! Sounds like a good plan and plenty considering everything else going on.

Marie said...

LOL...wrap that organic WHITE bread sandwich in a mcdonalds wrapper...that should make some people swoon!!! Can you see the look on the faces when she pulls out her "McDonalds" sandwich?!?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to join your food blog, too...I'm not packing, so I might as well be doing *something* positive for myself, LOL.

Mrs Furious said...

I'll hook you up.
And I hear you on the never wanting to spend another summer feeling badly in your bathing suit. This was my first... and seriously what a difference that made to my whole attitude. You can do it!

I just need your email address that blogger recognizes. If that's the one I have I'll send you the invite if not send me the address.

I'm sure in a few weeks her lunches will get a lot less enticing ;)

LOL... that would be hilarious! Hilarious! I was already thinking on April 1st (hopefully a school day) I'd send her with a can of soda ;)

Julie said...

Good luck tomorrow with the first day of Kindergarten!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gracious. I almost spit my coffee out .. smoked salmon?! The day I got my child to eat smoked salmon would truly be the day hell froze over and the pigs flew by. Good for you!

Rebecca said...

Well don't I feel like the loser. I ask my kids what they want in their lunch 5 minutes before the bus picks them up. Usually it's peanut butter.

You've got it planned out for the week ! You go girl !

michelline said...

Good Luck today, Kid! And good luck to you today, Mrs. F. The first day of school is a tougher on the parents than on the kids. Our elementary school throws a "Boo-hoo" breakfast for the K parents that they attend after they take their kids to class.

Kid Art said...

Thank you, thank you Mrs. F!

Mrs Furious said...

smoked salmon tastes a LOT like bacon ;)

I'm sure you'll see that these lunches get streamlined pretty quickly! ;)

"Boo hoo breakfast"?! That's the cutest thing I've ever heard of!

You are welcome.

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