Friday, August 29, 2008


One thing there are a lot of down here are Christian stores. There was one in Ann Arbor but I don't know who went in there or why. I assumed it was creepy and that the people who worked there had the equivalent of "gaydar" for religiousness and they would stone you if you came in just to check it out.

Well there are lots of Christian stores down here... LOTS. I can't emphasize it enough. Today after returning to that Bad Place to make some returns (okay... okay and to buy some really CHEAP stuff) I decided to walk around the shopping plaza. That makes it sound like a quaint jaunt which it was not. Baby and I are probably the only people to ever walk this whole plaza from end to end. But I digress...

While heading back to the car I thought to myself "hey giant Christian store what are you all about?" and I headed in. My first reaction was "Boy is Kid missing out" then "I know where to get Kid a gift card for her birthday". It was like a Barnes and Noble... but more holy. So Baby and I walked around the perimeter taking in the religiousness of everything. And it immediately dawned on me... I know why so many Christian women read my blog... I am Christian.

Okay maybe I'm not but BOY could I go to town in the Christian depot. Beverly Lewis Amish novels? Check. Weird Hallmark Romance/Pioneer movies that only air on the Hallmark Channel (which of course I have seen all of...probably goes without saying)? Check. Willow Tree figurines (what?!... you know you can't resist them)? Check... up the wazoo. Biblical action figures? Check... okay I don't really love that myself but you know Kid would be all over that.


Julie said...

You have got to take Kid there for a little field trip! :)

Kiki said...

Okay, I am literally laughing so hard there are tears down my face, I can barely type. While I am a card carrying Christian...those stores intimidate me! And as for reading your blog, I love that you are crazy about your girls and passionate about things you feel strongly about. I think you are smart and funny and no matter what you believe I would still be here...

I was in my local Books a Million and they had a whole section of Amish novels and I was torn between wanting to take a picture for you and buy you one!!!

Amy said... crack me up!

Nutmeg said...

I was in target yesterday, following Eli around as he pushed the cart (that kid loves pushing things)... and I saw an entire wall of hello kitty lunch sets, funtainers and all.

I was like... wow I can't believe that any target would be out of these.

Anyway, christian stores scare me, I'm a heathen/non-believer/atheist and I feel like I'm going to be struck by lightning upon entering. There is one in the mall here and the people seem very nice. I"m sure they would be just as nice if they knew I wasn't a member of the club, but STILL.

Thanks for the morning laugh.

Hope today is easier on the Kid absence front.

Robin said...

Haha! I think it is great that you let Kid explore the realm of Christainity even though you aren't "religious."

Thanks for the compliment on my hair. It only got curly after I had kids, and I still don't feel like myself when I wear the curls.

hicktowndiva said...

Ha! I have admit that I am a closet fan of both the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies (Sarah, Plain and Tall--classic!) and the Willow Tree figurines. I know!

I have been in the bible mega-mart type stores and they always make me feel like I'm a super-inadequate Christian.

Jenny O. said...

Oh, I love the Veggietales movies/books/toys they have for kids. Most of the movies are based on a bible story ( which I enjoy, but I know isn't for everyone) but their silly songs on CD or on DVD are some seriously tolerable kids music. We rock out to Veggietales. Which makes me really lame. :)

Erin said...

Biblical action figures?! There is this whole world out there that I had no idea existed!

kenady said...

Welcome to the South! A Christian store on every corner... sometimes 2 or 3 in the same center:) It's fantastic!!! I love your take on it and am rolling on the floor laughing... wait- I think I peed myself! j/k

Jenny O. said...

I also have to add that every time we see a Christian store my husband says "Hey honey, want to go buy a Christian?"

Shirls said...

I don't need no "Bible World" I got my MIL and she more than compensates for me in this department ;0)

Smoochiefrog said...

Again, welcome to the South! :)

Mrs Furious said...

I need those Hello Kitty thermos containers!! School must start earlier here...

Kid's been throwing massive tantrums since pick up today... kind of wishing there was school tomorrow ;)

I'm saving it up as a special treat! ;)

You are too sweet as usual!
We stopped in the local B -a-M here the other day... we'd never heard of it before. I must go back and venture further in next time ;)

Oh it was one of those situations where even while I was doing it I was thinking how perfectly blogable it was going to be. ;)

Thanks... I think about it a lot and just think who am I to decide how religious she is... or what her religion is. Also I think having a faith can make life easier when you travel through stressful times and I'd be happy for her to have that if that's her inclination.

Loved Sarah Plain & Tall... I was actually debating checking the audiobook out at the library today (also Glenn Close). All time favorite was (of course) The Outsider about an Amish frontier woman starring Naomi Watts (believe it).

Jenny O,
I saw that stuff there... I wondered if Kid would like it then I saw the action figures and was like "now THAT is seriously up her alley!" ;)

lol...I know where to go to get a whole family of Christians!

truthfully the action figures were just the tip of the iceberg in there. There was stuff made Christian that had no business (or purpose) in being marketed that way. Hilarious.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Mrs Furious said...

The funny thing is that when I was in there I was thinking how much my MIL would have liked it ;)

Thanks ;)

Mark said...

Dude, I'll mail you the containers.

Eli was in LOVE with them. He's a real fan of pink and purple.

Mrs Furious said...

Be careful what you offer...I would actually take you up on that! ;)

Haley said...

Oooo... Sarah Plain and Tall with Glenn Close! LOVED it. I'm off on a youtube hunt. :)

P.O.M. said...

Oh my gosh - you found kid's mecca!

Yes the o&o Palmilla is MUY kid friendly. They have 5 staff per person here and bend over backward for you - for anything. The room rates are crazy, but they are worth it. My room is seriously bigger than my apartment. Your fam would AMOR it!!! Mucho.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh we're totally doing it. The whales migrate by there I think.

Only the best for the Furiouses... I'm snobby like that ;)

Andrea said...

there is a huge christian store here almost the size of a small target that intimadates the hell out of me, the family bookstores are where I get my willow tree figs.
btw Ive missed your blog I finally had my lil guy and the hospital didnt even offer wifi you my hubby and I walked the halls looking for all the suggestion boxes so we could put in our suggestion for wifi.

Mrs Furious said...

Congratulations!! :)
Tell me the details.
I hope ALL is well and you are resting up. And that you have some help coming.

Anonymous said...

I completely enjoyed reading this post--you are too funny!!

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