Monday, August 25, 2008

This Week The Plan

Bear with me Baby has not taken a nap today... so... um... no blogtime has made itself available.

Kid starts school on Wednesday morning. I'm trying not to panic. Tonight is parent orientation. I'm sure I'll have some interesting updates about that ;)

And while you are waiting for me to come up with a *fascinating* weekly plan go forth and explore this hilarious site.


emmyjw said...

The problem for me if I had a bed out in that awesome porch is that I would want to live there, reading and napping and pretending my kids were completely self sufficient ;) I think it's a great idea.

Mrs Furious said...

And you call that a "problem"?! ;)

Haley said...

Big thumbs up on the bed idea -- nothing beats sleeping in fresh air. Growing up, my family would drag a big mattress out onto our front lawn and sleep outside on summer nights. Mind you, we live in the middle of nowhere, and our neighbors are our relatives, so that made it workable.

Heather said...

Ok here are my thoughts:

1. Have you tried TJ's frozen pizza. Wait, as I typed that I remembered that you don't have a TJ's near you, which must be devastating. Ok, so maybe that's not the best suggestion. But they are pretty good, especially the ham and gruyere one.

2. Beds on the porch = love it!! Seriously. Sounds awesome.

3. Cute slippers!

Robin said...

The it!

The best nap of my life was on the screened in porch of a cabin on Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Robin said...

Just had to come back to say...damn you!! I just spent almost an hour reading that cake site. I seriously have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. (I am pretending the children are self sufficient.)

smellyshelley said...

I hope Kid's kindergarten teacher is better than my Delaney's. Today she lost track of Delaney on the way to the parent pick up spot and Delaney headed to the lunch room on her own. Oy. I'm a little miffed.

Bring tissues.

emmyjw said...

Ditto Robin, could waste hours on the cake site.

Anonymous said...

I also love the bed idea. The cake site--if you read through the comments, you can also see her "gingerbread crackhouse" and that leads to even MORE *interesting* cakes...

Mrs Furious said...

That is AWFUL. Hopefully Delaney was not scared!


Hey there....I posted the Amish pics from PA.

Mrs Furious said...

Alright guys I'm doing it. I'm getting that bed set up out there if I have to do it myself (you know I will Mr F).

Sunshine Mom,
I'm coming over!

lucinda said...

I love sleeping outside but as a guest does that mean I have to go through your bedroom to pee in the night?

Mrs Furious said...

No Mother.
The deck is off of the office with the "grown up bathroom". It's actually ideal. But it might be too cold by the time you come.

Julie said...

Love the bed on the porch idea!

Robin, cute new photo...hey, you were at a cabin on Lake Champlain in Vermont at one point in your life? Mrs F knows that is my absolute favorite place in the world. I love Vermont (love lake champlain) and want to move there.

Mrs F, good luck on the kindergarten front. I know it can be nerve wracking for many reasons. Kid is going to do will take you a bit longer:)
Just think you will have so much alone time with Baby (lots of keeping that cowabunga kid out of trouble...)

That is so fantastic about the working out. I really got to get back to it. I have been way lame this summer. Kids go back to school end of next week so I have no excuses.

Growing up, my family would drag a big mattress out onto our front lawn and sleep outside on summer nights. ...that sounds so cool.

Robin said...

Julie - yeah. Before the company I worked for got all uptight, our manager's retreat was at the Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain. It was amazing!! (google it, you'll want to go. it's all little cabins.)

Once the company went public, it got uptight and we started having manager's "conferences" in August. Gah. It was not a hard decision not to go back to work after Kent was born.

inkelywinkely said...

okay, i have to say this..
i had a friend once with a big glassed in porch(it was on top og the house though, weird).
The had a base of just some cheap of wood, and laid the mattress atop it. they just used a pretty fitted sheet and tons of pillows. they HUNG it from the rafters of chains.. like front porch swing chains. It was an awesome suspended bed that the kids all lounged around on and read books or just hung out on. man, that was cool to me!

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