Sunday, October 26, 2008

Furious Fitness Report


Youngs Life said...

Mrs. Furious!!!! I am so excited that I recently created a blog so I can finally comment on your videos. I've been a lurker so to say for well over a year now and I cant even remember how I found your blog? I'm from Michigan, so I do believe it was from that.

Anywho! I'm so excited you brought up your fitness routine again because I really would like to try it. I struggle trying to find things to do on my treadmill that do not include running. Did you find when you first started that you gained from the shock and water retention of the muscles? Also, when you first started your weight loss workouts how often did you weight yourself?

I'm so glad to hear your meeting people down there and getting adjusted!

Mrs Furious said...

Youngs Life,
Oh I'm excited you can comment too!

No I didn't find that I gained when I first started. In fact I pretty much noticed fat loss right away. Seriously... it rocks for fat loss. When I first started I weighed myself typically 2 times a week. My weigh in day was Wednesday but I'd usually weigh in on Saturday to make sure I was headed in the right direction... and if not... inspire me to get in some more workouts on the weekend.

Now I weigh myself pretty much every day or so. I find maintenance to be a bit harder and I want to be on top of it if I start to gain.

Out of Hand said...

Not only did your oven ready beep just make me think someone was in my house but I am proud of you for getting this all figured out for yourself. Keep it up! Oh, and giving up soda IS huge. I really limit myself now and it has made a big difference.

Kiki said... that fabulous treadmill is part in my garage and part upstairs...the motor/treadmill part weighs like a thousand punds and I have a hard time lifting it...hopefully working on getting it all together by the end of tis week...I'll be trying your workout first.

I am going to try to stretch a lot first before...I haven't worked out in so long...I don't need an injury to slow me down.

Mrs.F you are a total inspiration!!!

Julie said...

I so wish there could be a TV with tivo/dvr near my treadmill. It just is not possible. I listen to podcasts of This American Life...but I would so rather watch TV.

Heather said...

Ok I'm up for trying this, once I can get up to speed -- literally. I walked for 30 mins on Friday at speed 3, on a 3% incline the whole time, and paid for it all weekend. I guess I rushed it. I'm hoping for a stroller walk today.

Mrs Furious said...

you were cleared to exercise?!

Mrs Furious said...

Out of Hand,
Well it seems to me that's what the 30s are for... figuring it out. Maybe by 40 I'll actually start doing it ;)

Get that treadmill in there already!!
Although mine has been stuck in the garage since we moved... and it's getting pretty cold in there!

Yeah that's gotta suck. I couldn't do it for so long without the TV.

Heather said...

Ahem, not really cleared per se, just me being my normal overachieving self. Maybe I should wait -- but I feel like such a badass for getting back out there. Maybe I'll do a stroller walk instead...

Mrs Furious said...

Well as someone who didn't heal up enough and then suffered with incision area pain (but inside in the muscle) for 3 freaking years... I'd say wait until you are fully healed. You can still lose through diet until then.

Heather said...

yikes! Good to know -- thanks!

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