Thursday, October 30, 2008

When I Said I Love These Things I Really Meant It

What is not to love about the Command hook people?! They go on fast and easy and are REMOVABLE... without damaging the wall surface! I can't get enough of these babies. Seriously....

Canine's leash hung out of Baby's reach (aka strangulation prevention):

No hall closet? Problem solved using Command hooks:

Our calendar hung on the side of our fridge (and this is a Note Nook calendar... the bomb of calendars):

Decorative Command hook used on our front door to hang wreaths, etc:

The holidays are coming.... fear not there are Command hooks for lights!:

Dress Up Corner brought to you by 12 Command hooks:

Last but not least.... the potty seat hook!:

Any 3M people out there? Mrs F would be more than happy to receive some samples!!


Shirls said...

your a "hooker"! ;0) hee hee

I love those things, the lights and the front door are just a couple of places I have some, but I'm liking the side of fridge calendar thing.. more info on the calendar please..

Mrs Furious said...

The calendar has a pocket for each month at the bottom of that month's page. So great for invites, doctor's reminders, tickets, etc!
They have them HERE. There are usually several designs... but buy them early since I've waited and been stuck with some hookey pattern I'd rather not have to display ;)

Claire said...

I'm going to buy some of those hooks this weekend - need them for the back of my bathroom doors to hang towels on when company is here!!! and I love the light hooks too!!! Heather told me about them but I forgot until I saw your post!Thanks!

Ms. Flusterate said...

I just ordered one of the calendars as that is just a fantastic idea--and if you use the code 2009, you get 10% off (it might be for first-time buyers only but I'm not positive)
Thanks for the fantastic ideas.
LOVELOVELOVE the hooks, too.

Renee said...

Have I told you what a genius you are Mrs. F and how I don't know how I muddled through life before finding you :)...I MUST have some of these hooks and will have them all over my house by the weekend!

Andrea said...

I love the command hooks, I have a couple of the silver ones in the bathrooms to hang hand towels on as we dont have hand towel rings or holders and I love them, I have my broom and mop hanging from command hooks in a closet.Just recently I hung a garment bag with a command hook next to the changing table for all the baby socks so when I go to do laundry Im not searching for little bitty socks these little suckers are one of the best inventions.

Feener said...

i gotta get me some

Mary Poppins said...

oh, i love hooks. do you have one for your keys? i got a hook for my keys a couple of years ago and it changed my life. no more searching for keys. ever.

Mrs Furious said...

You are welcome. I've been using these calendars for 4 years or so... and I'll never go back! For a less than organized person it's been a life saver!

They have a couple nice finishes on the hooks (at least at Target they do). Good luck!

You can get them in 6 packs... which I recommend... 7.99. Go get 'em!

Got to love the versatility of the Command hooks!

Oh they'll change your life ;)

well the top of our coat area has old fashioned 2 prong-y brass hooks and we put them on one with the coats, etc on the other. But now that you mention it... I'm totally going to go get two small metal ones specifically for keys!!

Elizabeth said...

hmm... these do seem fabulous, what can I use them for? *looks around*

Missives From Suburbia said...

Consider your message delivered to the fabulous people at 3M. I don't know if it will yield anything, but I promise the message will be received.

Claire said...

I just won a gift card to Target at work - guess where I'll be this wknd!!! Thanks for the info

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