Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey Let's Pretend We're Enjoying This


Heather said...

These are awesome, but even more awesome are the labels. So funny.

Mrs Furious said...

I try ;)

22 fucking bucks for 2 rotten pumpkins... which of course I had to buy since they'd already picked them out. Bastards.

Julie said...

That is a flippin' rip off. I paid $4 for a huge pumpkin.

Staci said...

Total rip off! What's up with them selling rotten pumpkins?

We skipped the pumpkin patch this year. Boys didn't care so I didn't push the issue. We're never home on Halloween anyway.

Mrs Furious said...

I know! Can you guys fucking believe it?! Of course there were no prices but since the pumpkins at the grocery store were all $4 I didn't think they'd be much more than that. CRAZY.

Kiki said...

I am totally forcing Ken to go to a local farm where we will pay through the nose for the "ambiance" of pumpkin picking...he's thrilled!!!

Did Kid lose that front tooth finally???

Amy said...

My sister took my three kids for pumpkins a couple of weeks ago. It cost $35 just to get to the pumpkin patch by hayride, then they had to pay for the pumpkins by the pound (of course my oldest son picked the biggest partially-rotten pumpkin he could find).

Chrissy said...

We were going to go to the pumpkin patch but saw a sign at the Fresh Market "3 Pumpkins for $10".
You can't beat that!

Picked our pumpkins and then went inside for a free cookie and a sample of hot cocoa.

I put the pumpkins in the back of the Tahoe and almost had them all split open against the back seat when we had to slam on the brakes to avoid a deer. Luckily, no damage to the pumpkins, deer or Tahoe. Yea!!

Works for me!

Julie said...

What a rip-off! Cute pics though!

Gigs said...

Here's our story... Pumpkins by the pound at the Pickin' Patch in town, with a max of $16.50 a pumpkin. So both of my children, and my HUSBAND, choose the largest pumpkins they can find. Hmmm...so that's $49.50 for three pumpins!! I myself chose what ended up being a $4 pumpkin. Then hubby turns to me at the checkout and says, "Can you get this?". WTF? He's definitely paying me back for his...

Mrs Furious said...

YES!!! She's now got the big *cute* gap up front! I"m loving it :)

Yeah that's a pricey venture.

Our best pumpkin was 4 buck one from the grocery store. Believe me next year they can can pick them out of the big cardboard box at Earth Fare!

Ugh. You know Mr F would have done that ;)

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