Monday, October 27, 2008

This Week The Plan

I'm tired. I'm tired like all the bone marrow has been sucked from my body. Today has been a rough one just to live through... let alone get anything done. I need to nap. I need children that nap.

Without further ado...


Monday - Salmon Noodle Casserole & Salad

Tuesday - Pancakes & Eggs (I'm getting my haircut... Mr F is tonight's Top Chef)

Wednesday - Chili & Rice

Thursday - Pork Tenderloin, smashed potatoes, acorn squash w/ brown sugar glaze I can probably pull out the cheapest week of all time if I just make Spaghetti & Broccoli

Friday - Tomato & Meatball Soup, Crescent rolls, Salad, Birthday Cake

Saturday - Turkey Noodle Casserole (still never made that)

Sunday - Asian Buffet

Exercise & Diet:

  • No soda
  • 5 hours of cardio... with 2 - 80 minute sessions
  • Stick under 1800 calories and keep up my food diary

Kid's Lunches:

Monday - rice, green beans & pork tenderloin (it was leftover), gogurt, milk; snack - smoked salmon & grapes

Tuesday - avocado sushi rolls, gogurt, milk; snack - smoked salmon & raspberries

Wednesday - goddamn spelt pizza, mixed veggies, gogurt, milk; hard boiled egg & raspberries

Thursday - pb&j, gogurt, milk; snack - kiwi & hard boiled egg

Friday - pasta & shrimp, gogurt, milk; snack - b'day class treat of popcorn & pineapple (that's all they can have)

(You can see that her lunches alone are eating us out of house and home!!!)

Chores & Errands:
Would like to clean my house.
Would like to clean off the kitchen counter.

Monday - finish putting away summer clothes and getting out winter clothes.
Tuesday - Toys R'Us for last birthday present, locate Birthday decorations!!!, haircut
Wednesday - wrap her presents, trial run on costumes
Thursday - make Kid's birthday cake & decorate it after bedtime.

  • Do not buy any new decorations.

  • May buy one dozen helium balloons for Kid's birthday.

  • Keep grocery spending down to $100.

  • That's all I've got for now.

    Check back for this week's Compacting challenge and so much more


    Vanessa said...

    That's a tasty looking menu!

    Andrea said...

    wowzers I just caught up with everything from Friday, I have to first say Im so jealous that kids birthday is Halloween I always wanted my birthday on Halloween my dads bday is Halloween I just love October period I planned on getting married in Oct. and having my kids in October which neither happened so I guess the only thing I can hope for is I die in October haha..Im going to step up my workouts Ive been doing 60-67 minutes I am going to shoot for the 90 minute mark those endorphins do make me feel like a real bad ass so as you said it should be pretty darn all the videos as usual.

    Mrs Furious said...

    Hey thanks... I'm feeling in a rut. I need to bust out some new dinners when I have the energy ;)

    Holy Shit 90 minutes?!!!? Alright I'm going to shoot for 90 on Saturday. I might need to rest about before that. Also I will say the only negative of the long workouts is it can bother my feet and sometimes I have to change my shoes half way through so that I still feel like I'm getting enough support.

    " the only thing I can hope for is I die in October"

    Shirls said...

    when you say "stick under 1800 calories" is that a daily thing? or on those days when you get in the cardio do you then eat more to compensate for the calories lost via exercise?

    I use Calorieking and I think you do or have as well, it adds more calories in for those lost due to exercise, that is why I wonder...

    Mrs Furious said...

    I've got to say I'm having a hard time figuring out my maintenance range. For now 1800 is my daily goal... I'm still above my maintenance range. Once I get down I should be able to go up to about 2200 as my daily goal. We'll see. It is a very delicate balance between gaining and losing for me. With the inevitable holiday treats I might be wise to just try and stay to 1800 with a few treats on top of that. We'll see.
    But right now i feel like I've hit a plateau. :(

    Shirls said...

    hey I'm eating 1435 a day plus any calories I gain by exercising and I've been on a slow steady gain for months.. frankly I'm at a complete loss as to why, I wish I could eat what everything tells me I should be able to (2000-2400) and stay put but its not happening *sigh*

    Renee said...

    OK, I am FREAKING amazed at Kid's lunch son has become the pickiest eater...he now comes to the dinner table and announces that he doesn't like whatever is being served that night... so I can only imagine what he'd say to avocado rolls.

    Mary Poppins said...

    you've probably already thought of this, but one great way to cut down on food costs and calories during the cooler months is by eating lots of soup. i know you like soup since you're doing tomato meatball soup (delicious--you know we eat it all the time) for kid's birthday. i make soup once a week and throw in fresh veggies that i haven't used up yet, beans, pasta, anything really. it's always delicious, low calorie, and super cheap (no pun intended with the use of the word super).

    Mrs Furious said...

    I don't know what's going on with me either. I keep thinking I must be way off track... but I recently went back and was like "hmm I've actually been on track for awhile!" I don't know why I can't drop back down or why my body fat is stuck up 4%. I'm not doing anything differently than I did the first time and yet I'm not getting the same results. I fear it's aging ;)

    Mrs Furious said...

    Oh that was to Shirls!

    Kid has always had more of an adult palate. But who knows maybe Carter would love avocado rolls!? She's actually fairly picky within her own tastes... and hers are pretty expensive!!!

    word to the soup!

    Supermom said...

    That does sound yummy!
    You sound so busy! I hope things calm down. Well then Thanksgiving and Christmas will roll around.

    Michelle :)

    Julie said...

    my son has become the pickiest eater...he now comes to the dinner table and announces that he doesn't like whatever is being served that night
    renee, I have the same thing going on over here. Makes cooking dinner really gratifying, doesn't it? (said in a sarcastic tone.) My kids won't even eat that awesome tomato meatball soup! Or any soup for that matter.

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