Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Self Depreciation... Apparently It's Hereditary

"We practiced spelling today... You know what I'm best at?" Kid asks from the back seat.

"What?" I ask excitedly.

"Being the worst." Kid announces.



kenady said...

what do you say to that?

Julie said...

It's sad and funny all at the same time.

Jennifer said...

Yeh, kid .. I feel the same way. About myself that is .. lol.

P.O.M. said...

She has quite a little sense of humor though :) And they have spell check now-a-days.

Mrs Furious said...

Oy Kid has a pretty harsh self critical side in comparison to others... it's tough. The reason we're willing to pay so much for her school is because their curriculum keeps it to a minimum. But I guess sometimes it's never enough.
What I said was...
"Really? You are the only one in your class who doesn't know how to spell?"
To that she acknowledged that some of the other kids also didn't know how to spell. She kind of needs help seeing the situation realistically. She focuses on the one or two advanced kids and then feels "behind". I'm hoping as she gets older and they all start to even out more it will be easier for her to deal with. She's so smart it just breaks my heart that she feels inadequate. I mean how many other 5 year olds have mastered sarcasm?! ;)



That's what I told her! I told her a lot of grown ups have a hard time spelling.

Out of Hand said...

Chantz has said things like that...I guess he is learning something from me. And I know that I said friends but I wouldn't call them friends...more like parents of my kids friends. I think you should meet me in Myrtle Beach in the does wonders for you.

katieo said...

"She's so smart it just breaks my heart that she feels inadequate."

YES. I have one like that too(but not a girl obviously). It kills me because he is constantly comparing himself to his older brother- who is TWO years older than him.

Mary Poppins said...

kid is a genius. if on the off chance the other children can actually spell "israelites" there's no way they know as much about them as kid.

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