Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big V... little v.... What Begins With V?

The 2008 Weblog Awards
Hilarious Update:

"what begins with V? Vagina? I don't get it." My mom emails me.

"VOTE" I reply.

Someone obviously didn't read the labels.


And completely unrelated to this post is the following video update (just in case you thought I might overdose on my pain meds after the last one):

Mrs F starts a survival plan...
which apparently relies heavily on Target frozen pizza.


Renee said...

Did I happen to mention I'm a pro at folding clothes? It's the putting away of clothes that I have problems with at my house!!! (I'll even fold Mr. F's underwear-ha! :) )

The homeschooled teenager sounds like that might be a great I the only one who is utterly frightened by the prospect of homeschooing a teenager-I'm not judging-there's just no way in hell I could do that at any age level-esp. a teenager. Of course I might be changing my tune on this if my son doesn't get in the school of choice next year!

GIVE ME A V....O....T....E......
what does that spell-VOTE (which I just did)

Kiki said...

I just voted...keeping at that because its what I can do....I'm in a downward spiral over here with the looming flight this weekend the San Diego....I'm doing everything I can to keep my mind off it.

I was just thinking, too bad my lay over isn't in Asheville...I love to fold clothes ( I work for Gap, folding is my life, I could have your closets folded like the store) and we know Kid and I get a long just fine!!!

Keeping you in my thoughts, wish that there was some way to help....beside voting!!!

Elizabeth said...

Completely unconnected thoughts:

Do you want me to send you anything from Trader Joes or Wholefoods?

Rolling paper: deep down you really just want to smoke some dope for the pain (and to mellow out... I hear it does that too)

Your phone makes a very cute noise!

I've taken to jotting down notes during your videos so I can remember what I wanted to comment on!

michelline said...

I Voted. With a big V of course. And as of right now, you're in 4th place by 2 votes. Or was it 4? It's been at least 2 minutes since I voted, so I can't remember... Actually, I voted twice today. And I just reminded Chris to vote on his laptop and the media center PC as well. Heck, we have 7 computers (scary rhought!) in this house so I'll make sure to vote 7 times tomorrow :)

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry you have to fly so far! I know how terrified you are. Hang in there!

You've been here... do you think we are the folding underwear type?! If it's not on the floor it is a good day ;)

rolling papers... I know... it was so kind of Freudian slip ;)
I think we're good on the WFM and TJ for now... thanks though!

I'll be sure you get due compensation when it comes time for the drawing!

Christy said...

I voted!

I love that you said "yo, yo, yo." I am always saying that and get wierd looks from people.

julie said...

Rolling paper: deep down you really just want to smoke some dope for the pain (and to mellow out... I hear it does that too) LOL! I was thinking that, too;)

Totally sucks for you right now. Your life is so out of your control right now. Hate that for you.

Yay on the TJ's croissants! How did you get them down there frozen?

Oh, Renee, I hear you on the homeschooling a teenager (or either of my kids at any age.) Yikes.

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