Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Voting Once, Voting Twice, Voting Chicken Soup With Rice

The 2008 Weblog Awards
It turns out I'm getting my ass kicked... and we all know I'm in no condition to put up with that right now.


Heather said...

You're getting your ass kicked for sure. I have voted once from each computer daily, fwiw. :)

Thoughts on the Biggest Loser?

Mrs Furious said...

I can't compete against that 20 year old... she's freaky.

I blame Mr F since he's never given me a good blog design. ;)

thoughts include that the contestants were so big... freak show level... that it was almost unrelatable. It's one thing to see people who have 100+ pounds to lose but last night I felt like I couldn't connect to the players as well. Do you know what I mean?

Haley said...

I agree -- I felt like they were going for more shock value this season.

And I think it's rather unfair that that one guy has a teeny tiny stomach after gastric bypass. I get that he managed to put on/keep all that weight post bypass, but now he's in a monitored environment with healthy foods, so it seems like an unfair advantage over the normal stomach-sized folks.

I'm glad the whiney model went home.

Claire said...

I'm voting everyday - can't vote on my work computer because it doesn't have the updated flash player and I don't think IT would like it if I asked them to update me so I can blog : P

Claire said...

I'm voting everyday - can't vote on my work computer because it doesn't have the updated flash player and I don't think IT would like it if I asked them to update me so I can blog : P

Claire said...


carla said...

I lovelovelove HAPPY ONCE HAPPY TWICE....Id forgotten it.

Elizabeth said...

Claire: I've voted without the flash player. I just say I don't want to download it and then the page loads, I vote.

Mrs. F- a few random thoughts.
You obviously do not have enough pictures of yourself in vaugely bondage-esqe poses to win this category.
What IS that blue apliance on the counter next to your stove?
Re Blog design, you know what they say about cobbler's wives? No shoes. Case in point.

Elizabeth said...

In January it will be a blog voting castastrophe,
with too few votes for you and no votes for me!
Voting once
Voting twice
Mmm chicken soup would be nice!

Mrs Furious said...

I'd forgotten all about it too... Kid is reading it at school.

Thanks for voting!

LOL yes when I first clicked over I was like... Yeah I can't compete with the quasi-porn site ;)

true true on the cobbler's wives.

It's a microwave. It was from Mr F's old office and we've held onto it because it takes up so much less counter space. We should be getting our over the stove microwave/hood soon and then adios blue eyesore!

julie said...

Mrs F, you look exhausted. The constant nagging pain is wearing. I hope you are able to take it a little easy with your mom there.

I know you what you mean about the money thing. I carry all the worry and concern for both my husband and myself. He makes all the money and I take care of everything. It is frustrating when you don't think they are getting it (for example, the jammers incident.) I do like how you broke it down though by organic vs non-organic mik, etc. It is easier to visualize the importance of a few dollars.

Mrs Furious said...

I am exhausted. I really can't sleep well at all. The pain is so much worse at night and lying down is uncomfortable... so it is hard to get relaxed enough to sleep I ended up *thinking* to distract myself from the pain but that leads to *worrying* and then insomnia. It's awful. It is going to be really hard when my mom leaves and I have to function and take care of the kids all day. I'm really worried about that.

good job!

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited most of the blogs nominated, because there are just too many to go through (too many that I have never heard of or read). I vote for you in your category, then vote in a couple of other categories where I have read the nominees...

After reading the comments here, I had to check out "raymi's" site. It's different...I kind of feel like y'all shouldn't even be in the same category. I don't know how the organizers figure it all out, but it doesn't make sense to me...

Miss Theresa said...

Okay...I'm voting every day on 3 different computers since that's all I have access to.

I'm with Elizabeth...more bondage-esqe poses are needed - NOT!! I love your blog just as it is - very real!!! So no worries - seriously!

I do hope you're able to get some rest sometime soon!

Staci said...


I had to check out Raymi's site. :P Enough said.

On the penny pinching...I'm just like you and Julie. Husband makes the money but I'm responsible for paying the bills...hence caring all the stress.

We have been pinching pennies, clipping coupons & buying only sales items to reduce our food bill. On a bad week I hate it. On a good week I find lots of deals and feel like the family hero with stocked cupboards. :P

I will say that we were never able to go all organic so our pennies are going a bit further. I'm trying to buy groceries with $60-75 a week (for a family of 4). Coupons & sales shopping have really helped with that task. Plus I make our weekly dinner menu based on what's on sale that week. It's the only way it's gonna happen.

On The Jammers situation...I feel ya. I'm continuously reminding my husband of all the little purchases that add up. I've just gotten to the point where I tell him there's no money in the account to keep him from using the debit card (we don't have ANY credit cards--totally agree with you on that one too) on CRAP. ;P

Hope you start to feel better. :)

wootini said...

Voted! You were beating Dooce on the first day...

Marilyn said...

Mrs. F -- I've voted for you every day! I hope you feel better soon -- you really seem like you're on the edge. I'm so glad your mom is there. On the money front, I think taking care of other kids is a great idea -- you'd be terrific at it, and I'll bet baby would love the company now that Kid is in school. Take care of yourself.

Kiki said...

I'm voting on my laptop and getting Ken to vote on his desktop....working on the iPhone, it won't load the voting feature first issue with this technological wonder!! UGH!!

Raymi = Trippy....I felt like Alice in Wonderland and not in a good way.

Kiki said...

I know I'm 12, or 39, whatever, but MTV's Real World is set in Brooklyn and its familiar...I might be loving it for the view!!!

Renee said...

I'm voting on three different computers-1 at the house and 2 at husband's home office....someone MUST be screwing w/ the votes because you should be WAY, WAY, WAY ahead in my opinion (after checking out the other blogs nominated-I'll repeat-you should be WAY ahead). Is Dooce REALLY able to support her entire family w/ her blog?!?! And what is up with that Raymi chick? I don't get it-I must be OLD! :)

Me, Myself and I said...

I swear. I am so voting everyday.

If you would please allow me this opportunity to warn your readers... I almost put my dog to sleep this morning. He has been gravely ill since Fri night. Not eating x 2 days, no bowel/bladder control. BAD SICK. Then I googled the HARTZ ULTRA GUARD Flea and Tick drops I put on him last week. Seriously. All pet owners out there. Google them. Write nasty letters to them. I almost ended the life of our precios dog... today he has started eating again and is acting more like his old self. Too many pets have been seriously ill and have died.
Thanks for your support. LOL.

Renee said...

Forgot to mention:
1) You better not change one thing on your blog -it is furiously perfect.... and when I checked tonight you are getting a fair amount of votes and it definitely does not make sense that Dooce and Raymi are even in the same category.

2) Wanted you to know what a profoud effect your blog has had on me and getting healthier-I went grocery shopping today and came home w/ everything organic except for one's so ridiculously more expensive and I know this is one of the most important things to buy organic and I had it in the cart but then went back not once, but twice and put it back...of course as soon as I got home I regretted the decision..... the kids LOVED the Annie's organic macaroni and cheese shaped like bunnies-AND my son's exact comment "This is the best meal you have ever made Mommy" -which I'm not sure that's a compliment because after all, it was boxed mac and cheese for god's sake and I've fixed better meals than that!!! :) But considering he ate cleaned his plate for the first time since I can remember I say HOORAY ORGANIC! AND HOORAY MRS. F! OK-I'm going to vote at the office now.....

Mrs Furious said...

"which I'm not sure that's a compliment because after all, it was boxed mac and cheese for god's sake "
They had organic on sale at Ingles the other day... I wish I had emailed you!!! I stocked up and froze it. That is the last thing I switched over for that very reason. I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if it goes back on sale.

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Myself & I,
Jesus Christ! I'm so sorry. I just ran to check what brand we use... thankfully it's Frontline!
Yikes. I'm glad your little guy is getting better.

Thanks for all the voting everyone!! I do appreciate it.

off to bed... finally...

Mrs Furious said...

And I'm running behind on all the comments... today was a shitty day... I'll catch up tomorrow! Sorry!

northerngurl said...

Delurking, just discovered our blog about a week ago and love your honesty. I am voting for you and will continue to. :-) A lot of the blogs in that category I wouldn't consider to be a diary. Hope you feel better soon.

Haley said...

I'm voting diligently, I promise!

I need to go figure out what the hell these mysterious jammers are... they must be pretty damned tempting...

Supermom said...

I just voted again!!! I tried to give you an extra vote by using the Blackberry but it won't show the voting screen!!!!!

How have you been feeling??? How's your company?? I am making an EF run tomorrow, would you like me to pick anything up for you???

I hope all is well at the Furious house.

Michelle :)

Elizabeth said...

awww, I kinda like the blue thing. It seems strangely cute.

Still voting! (but sadly I voted at like 11:30 last night, so now I have to stay up that late all week!)

Annalise Atomic! said...

I'm going to be honest, it was through voting for Raymi that I stumbled upon your blog the other day. (Love it, by the way!)
I totally agree that the "best diarist" category could probably be even further divided so that it's more of a fair competition. On the bright side, at least you're getting lots of exposure from being up against people like Raymi and Dooce!
Good luck getting 4th! I'm voting for you today!

Mrs Furious said...

Hey thanks for switching over!!!

It's all yours.

welcome! And thanks for the votes.

Thanks again everyone.

Elizabeth said...

hmmm reeely?

'cause I don't have a microwave currently...

Now I'll really have to come visit so I can get me a microwave! (which I wanted to do anyway, but got so busy! We should talk about when's good for you!)
(my boss promised me the work one, but then she decided we couldn't afford a new one out of the general budget... sigh)

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